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Lympstone and back 2016-11-05 A windy ride round to Lympstone and back. Back on the Marin after its trip to the LBS for a new rear wheel. Not a happy bike - gear change was really sloppy, the chain came off and the rear brake rubbed. No wonder it all felt such hard work. Stopped at the Swing Bridges to watch them open to let yachts up to the canal basin.
Ride back from bike shop 2019-03-14 A Lizzie ride back from Jon Sell's bike shop into just a little bit of a head wind.
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Exeter bike shop 2019-01-19 Into Exeter and the Bike Shed bike shop to see if I can get the handlebars on the Marin changed to improve the riding position a little.
Back from the bike shop 2019-02-03 A ride back from the Bike Shed after getting the an extension fitted to raise the handlebars on the Marin hybrid.
Broken saddle! 2018-09-25 The rails on the bikes saddle broke on the ride home! After shifting on the saddle to try out different riding positions, all of a sudden the saddle went very wobbly. A quick check showed both rails had completely snapped in two. New saddle time.
Devon hills and broken gears 2018-01-22 After tree felling stopped LIz and I cycling along the Exe cycle path, we thought we go inland and "do some hills". The aim was to come back via Dawlish. At the top of a particularly long and steep hill I went to change gear and there was no gear lever! We eventually found it near the bottom of the very long, steep hill. Devon is no place to cycle when stuck in top gear.
Bike shop ride 2019-03-28 Into Exeter to pick up some spare inner tubes and repair kits after yesterday's puncture shenanigans. Garmin Connect made the moving average for this trip as 14.8 mph - prefer their calculations!
Into Exeter 2019-01-25 Into Exeter and the Bike Shed to get the handlebars on the Marin changed. However, a change of plan when discussing options at the shop meant leaving the bike there and catching the train back.
First bike ride of 2015 2015-01-04 Liz ride into Exeter and back
Exeter cycle ride 2019-03-17 Into Exeter with Liz. First day in a week that the winds weren't above force 6! Still windy though so hard work on the way in and Mrs Lutzy's was full! Stopped at Dawlish Warren bike cafe to get the gears on Liz's bike "fine tuned". Met up with Dr John.
SYC trip to the beach cafe - by bike 2015-09-05 A first SYC organised cycle ride. From SYC on the west back round to the beach cafe at Exmouth on the east bank. Ten participants.
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