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Cawsand to Rame Head 2012-03-11 Lizzies favouritist ever walk and by default Scoobys too. From the carpark in Cawsand to the hermits house on Rame Head and then back to the Devonport Arms for lunch.
Maker Heights to Rame Head 2017-08-12 In the camper van at Maker Heights again. As usual a walk to Rame Head and back again with a stop off at Kingsand Beach for Scooby to do some swimming. Liz and I got married at Polhawn Fort (the other side of the peninsula from Cawsand). There musty have been another wedding that day as someone had hired a pilot to "paint" hearts in the sky. Ah - sweet!
Moonlit walk to dinner 2014-01-13 A round trip from Fort Pickelcombe to the Devonport Inn. Along the cliff path in the moon light. Romantic and muddy in about equal measures. The Devonport was as good as old times. Good food, nice wine, friendly..
Maker and Cawsand 2017-08-11 In the camper van at Maker again. Walked down to Cawsand to give the dog a swim and for a pint in the Rising Sun. The weather that evening was really gloopy for mid August!
Rame Head 2016-02-21 Liz's favourite walk and Scooby was quite keen too. Protected from the strong westerly winds until finally climbing to the hermit's house at the end of Rame Head
Rame Head 2015-06-29 Liz's favourite walk! A visit after a weekend in Lostwithiel with Richard & Helen to take in Motorhead and The Stranglers at the Eden Sessions. As I was wandering along the coastpath, I was idly wondering whether I've seen Motorhead more times that Liz has "dragged" me along the coastpath to Rame Head. It's a difficult one to call but I would guess I've been to Motorhead about 20 times (19 times with Richard T). I would guess that I've walked the Cawsand to Rame head path about 15 times (15 times with Lizzie W). So Motorhead are just in front. After the Motorhead performance on Saturday at the Eden Project, I'm guessing that Rame Head walks are going to catch up soon. Dog tried to eat cliff top ponies - ponies disagreed with concept - I had to explain error in thinking to dog.
Fort Picklecombe to Cawsand 2012-11-25 Wet. Very wet. Amazingly managed to avoid the rain on this walk to one of the 2 pubs in CawsandKingsand that hadnt been flooded overnight. Excellent fish soup at the Rising Sun.
Cawsand to Rame Head - again! 2020-07-17 Liz's favourite walk. Scooby's third favourite walk. I went along too.
Rame Head - again! 2018-12-02 The "Tribby" (our camper van) hadn't been moved for a couple of months so we too it on a road trip down to Cornwall. Liz's favourite walk - from Cawsand to Rame Head and back again.
Cawsand to Rame Head 2016-10-17 Lizzie's favourite walk - again! After driving through a torrential downpour in Plymouth, the walk from Cawsand to Rame Head was mostly sunny with about F5 winds.
Birthday dinner at the Devonport 2017-04-08 Liz and the hound took me to the Devonport for a birthday dinner. Down the cliff path from the campsite at Maker Heights to Cawsand.
Transat start at Plymouth 2016-05-02 From Cawsand to Penlee Point to watch the start of the single handed Transat yacht race. Breakfast at Kingsand and then sat in the drizzly rain at Penlee Point for a couple of hours but the gloop mostly cleared in time for the start of the race. As much fun watching the milling spectator boats as the competitors.
Maker and the Devonport Arms 2016-04-30 First trip in the new Fiat Ducato Tribute campervan. Camping at Maker Heights and down to the Devonport in Kingsand for a pint.
Polhawn remembered 2014-01-16 Cawsand to Polhawn and along the cliff paths to the View Cafe (shut). Back via Wiggle.
Fort Picklecombe to Cawsand and back 2014-01-12 A morning constitutional for Scooby before the rain came in
Maker to Rame Head 2017-04-09 The usual walk from Cawsand to Rame Head - only slightly longer as we had the campervan up on Maker Heights. A gloriously hot sunny day at the start of April.
Cawsand to Rame Head 2012-11-27 From Cawsand to Rame Head and back. Scooby pulled like a bxxxxxd much of the way especially when trying to say hello to the horses by the hermits cottage on Rame Head.
Cawsand to Rame Head 2013-09-12 A drive from one side of Cornwall to the other to do Lizzies favourite walk. The rain and fog from north Cornwall didnt make it down to the south coast to affect this walk from Cawsand to Rame head and back again.
Lizzie birthday walk to Rame Head 2014-01-13 From Cawsand to Rame Head on a Lizzie big birthday. Drinking champagne at the end of Rame Head in a hail storm in January!
Quick paddle round Cawsand/Kingsand bay 2015-09-25 The forecast offshore north to north west turned out to be almost a southerly so there some small waves as we headed off from Cawsand to Fort Picklecombe. So we turned round and went a little way towards Penlee Point. A very short paddle overall but it broke up the drive home at the end of our summer holidays.
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