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Chaos Race 2017-09-09 The CHase Around the Ore Stone race. A great day's sailing. The weather forecast was fairly strong (F4 to F5 with occasional F6) and that was about right. No real sudden gusts so the winds of up to about 22 knots were fine and fun. Unfortunately I didnt help Derek to quite the heights in the results table that he managed last year with the commodore as a more competent crew! It was still a fast sail - fast enough that we had to potter around off the fairway buoy for a couple of hours waiting for enough tide to go back up the Exe. Then back to Starcross Yacht Club to arrive by sea for the inaugural Starstock mini festival.
Drew Trophy race from Exe to Brixham. 2014-07-26 A day with no wind, a little wind and then some wind. Met up with Topsham SC at Brixham Yacht Club. The first photo gives an indication of how little wind there was at times!
Drew Trophy race from Exe to Brixham 2013-07-27 A very slow cruise from the Exe to Brixham for the SYC Drew Trophy race. Came 2nd! Partly due to some boats giving up and motoring due to lack of wind. The photos show the flat as a millpond sea at the start of the race.
Drew Trophy yacht race 2011-07-30 From Exe safe water mark down to Brixham and back again the next day
Past Teignmouth and back 2012-08-04 Instead of the Drew Trophy race to Brixham we saild down past Teignmouth and back. A day with a bit of everything. Winds between 10 and 22 knots some rain some sun and some clouds
Dartmouth race 2016 2016-06-25 A sail to Dartmouth in Derek H's Sadler 26. The wind was in all directions including not there at all. The "dog leg" at Torbay was us searching for wind that wasn't there! Moored up for the night at Dittisham on the Dart.
Drew Trophy - SYC to Brixham 2019-07-20 The Drew Trophy from the Exe Safe Water mark to the breakwater entrance at Brixham Harbour. A marvelous sail albeit the wind didn't veer as promised later on meaning that we had to put in one short tack in to make the finish line. Still - 2 hours 24 minutes from the Exe SWM to Brixham breakwater is none too shabby! Everybody (well - all 3 boats that took part) claimed they didn't want to win it as they'd then have to store the humongous trophy in the loft for a year. So a result of first across the line and second on handicap could be claimed to be ideal! But I'm sure Julian P on Kinfolk will find the loft space somehow. Either way, with all three boats finishing within about 5 minutes, it was a very pleasant way to spend the day. Then dinner at SYC with sailors from Topsham Sailing Club.
Ore Stone and back - Chaos 2015-09-26 Trial SYC "race" from Exe safe water mark, round the Teignmouth outfall buoy, round the Ore Stone and back to the Exe SWM. A really great day's sailing. Relaxed and sunny on the downwind leg to the Ore Stone and really good sailing on the upwind leg back to the Exe SWM. The wind moved round a little to the east on the way back making (for us) a straight line sail; pretty much all the way back. The "Chaos" in the title refers the the race's putative title - "CHase Around the Ore Stone"
Drew Trophy race to Brixham 2015-07-18 A sail from the Exe to Brixham in Derek's Sadler 26. The annual SYC Drew Trophy race and we did quite well. We were the first mono hull over the line by quite some way but 2nd overall on handicap. Helped greatly by the pointing ability of Derek's Sadler and its ability to sail with full sails up in a F5 (albeit on its ear a bit at times!). Top sailing with the sun putting in a decent appearance. Met up with the Topsham Sailing Club rally and then dinner at Brixham Yacht Club. Average speed pretty good considering the wind was just about on the nose and there was some "wave action" stopping the boat.
Drew Trophy 2016 2016-07-23 An SYC yacht race with a bit of everything. Absolutely no wind at the start so we drifted backwards past the committee boat and took maybe 20 minutes to get over the start line. Then a lovely sail until we were off Babbacombe when everyone (bar Mike H) lost all wind for another 1/2 hour. Then a lovely sail into Brixham Harbour. Second overall. A lovely dinner at Brixham Yacht Club with the Topsham Yacht Club peeps.
Exe to Dartmouth 2018-06-16 With the SYC Newport Trophy cancelled due to the possibility of a Force 6, we set of with Peter S for company hoping to get as far as Salcombe. However, with the wind pretty much on the nose, progress was a little slow for us so we motor sailed. As we crossed Torbay we saw the annual Brixham Trawler Race taking place. The weather forecast was pretty much right (with maximum gusts of about 26 knots - F6), so we gave up on the idea of rounding Start Point and ducked into Darthaven Marina in Dartmouth.
Day sail instead of Newport Trophy 2012-06-23 A breezy sail into a southerly F5 wind while taking advantage of a gap between the high winds. Tried out sailing with a sea anchor for the first time. A slightly nervous wait for the tide to rise enough to get back in to the Exe while hoping that a forecast force 8 would only come in later as per the forecast.
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