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Dawlish Warren dog walk 2012-02-26 Along the beach at Dawlish Warren at low tide
Dawlish and back 2017-05-13 Into Dawlish with Liz to pick up some train tickets. Stopped for an ice cream at Dawlish arren.
Man overboard practise 2017-05-21 Out to sea off Dawlish Warren to practice man overboard drill. The MOB (a pick up buoy with some chain attached) survived!
New cycle cafe 2017-09-30 Down to Dawlish Warren with Liz to have a look round Join S's new cycle shop and cafe. Then up to the Swing Bridges and back again.
Canoe round the Pole Sands 2017-10-08 A paddle round the Pole Sands. Not enough wind to go sailing so we decided to take the hound for a paddle round the Pole Sands. With a 4.2m springs tide, there was a lot of water sluicing out past Exmouth Docks. However, as we were quite early there wasn't much Pole Sands.So we turned right and took the hound to groyne 9 on Dawlish Warren for a bit. Then out to the Pole Sands and "Islandia".
LIz's 2020 in 2020 2020-12-28 A ride to DIY store that racked up Liz's 2020th mile in 20202
Dawlish Warren and Swing Bridges 2020-12-22 Pre-work cycle ride
Dawlish Paddle 2022-08-26 From Cockwood round past Dawlish Warren to "Red Rock". Back via the Pole Sands. Trying out the RYA Safetrx app so that Liz can see, in real time, what trouble I am getting myself into,
Topsham bike ride 2020-12-07 Via Dawlish Warren
New push bike 2019-02-02 Bought a Triban RC520 road bike and this was the first time out on it. Went with Liz to Dawlish Warren and then into a strong head wind into Exeter for coffee and a custard tart at Mrs Lutzys
Exeter cycle ride 2019-03-17 Into Exeter with Liz. First day in a week that the winds weren't above force 6! Still windy though so hard work on the way in and Mrs Lutzy's was full! Stopped at Dawlish Warren bike cafe to get the gears on Liz's bike "fine tuned". Met up with Dr John.
Post work bike ride 2020-11-19 Starcross, Exminster and Dawlish Warren
Dawlish, Topsham and Marsh Barton 2020-10-19 To Dawlish Warren to pick up bread and cake. To Topsham, saw Bob & Pauline on bench, then to eat the cake. To Marsh Barton to pick up DIY stuff. Bastard southerly head wind on the way back.
A short ride from Exeter 2020-03-23 Back from Exeter and via Dawlish Warren
Dawlish Warren Kayaking 2020-05-20 First time down to Dawlish Warren in the new Sea Eagle kayak. Lovely day - there was plenty of mist that came and went but that didn't detract from it. Good test for the new kayak and I'm very pleased with it. Less pleased that the GPS ran out of battery on the way back. Whoops.
Scooby walk at Dawlish Warren 2012-06-24 A low tide walk along Dawlish Warren with the hound.
Dawlish - Bank Holiday Monday 2016-03-28 Dawlish in the rain and hail on Easter Bank Holiday Monday! A first test of the Edge 500 after finally managing to reset it. The device had stopped recording and factory resets didnt help. Finally found something called a AutoLocate reset (Lap + Start + Power as a reminder for when in happens again). Looks as though the elevation recording still needs re-calibrating! Most of the photos are from a Warren walk in the morning (when the tide was in and the sun shining) rather than the afternoon walk (when the tide was out and it was raining).
First beach cafe sail of 2015 2015-04-19 A down river sail from SYC to the Exmouth beach cafe. Strange winds - a bit of everything. Off Cockwood the NE wind met a sea breeze and shifted 180 degrees! It did this on both the way down and the way back. Coming back to the Club the wind got a bit lively for the last 5 minutes of the sail.
Commodores Cruise 2013-07-06 Strawberries and cream at the Warren. Glorious weather. Liz doing safety boat driving.
Commodore's Cruise 2014-07-12 Strawberries and cream on the Warren
Lizzie bike ride 2014-07-05 A379 and to the Warren
Lizzie bike ride 2014-07-04 First time back on the bike in ages for Lizzie
Dawlish Warren doggie walk 2014-03-01 Went to have a look at the work being done to fix the Dawlish railway line but the miserable gits had blocked all access. So Scooby had a low tide walk along Dawlish Warren and we looked at all the damage done to the Warren and groynes by the recent sorms
Cold November bike ride 2013-11-19 To A379 and back via Dawlish Warren (and some shopping)
Dawlish Warren bike ride 2021-11-03 Down to Dawlish Warren to book Liz's bike in for a service
Dawlish Warren bike ride 2021-11-05 Down to Dawlish Warren to pick up Liz's repaired / serviced bike
Dartmoor walk 2016-06-05 Because Scooby gave me such a nice welcome after being away for a week sailing (me - not Scooby), we took him for a walk on Dartmoor. Up high on the moor near the Warren House inn. A lovely short walk on Dartmoor.
Devon hills, wind and rain 2020-10-30 Into Dawlish to pick up some "coaving adhesive" (we don't have coaves but apparently its good for filling holes in plaster) and then round the Devon Hills (450 metres climbed) to Exminster.
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Dawlish Dart sail 2021-06-23 Around to Dawlish with Nigel H on his Dart 18. A lovely sail. Took a while for the sea breeze to come in but once it did it was a pleasant, steady force 3 or so. Sun as well!
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Back to the hills 2020-10-14 First solo ride round some Devon hills for a bit. My - did it hurt! 397 metres climbed.
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Dawlish Water 2018-03-26 Into Dawlish with Liz to pick up some train tickets. Out the back of Dawlish and along to Dawlish Water. Some fairly chunky hills for us.
Back from Dawlish 2016-11-03 A short ride back from the bike shop in Dawlish (after getting the rear wheel replaced having broken three spokes). I'd forgotten that there are hills between us and Dawlish.
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Out to sea to avoid the World Cup 2010-06-27 Im not a great footie fan. In fact even though the Wayfarer had somewhat of a leak a solo sail to off Dawlish seemed like the best way of avoiding the match Unsurprisingly the 7.7 knots max boat speed was just off the Warren
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Dinghy sail to Dawlish 2013-08-10 Down from SYC, to the fairway buoy and on to the little harbour at the far end of Dawlish.
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A379 and Dawlish 2013-08-16 A slightly longer than usual standard ride. Up to the A379 and then back via Dawlish
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Dawlish Air Show Dinghy Cruise 2014-08-23 "Officer of the day" and safety boat duty on an out to sea dinghy cruise that coincided with the Dawlish Air Show. A few dramas a long the way but saw the Red Arrows and, later, the battle of Britain memorial flight (including two Lancasters, a Spitfire and a Hurricane).
Breakfast at Powderham Castle 2014-09-28 A hound walk to the Powderham Castle county store for breakfast outside the cafe. Watched bits of the Dawlish Triathlon and steam train going by.
First sail of year on Derek H's Sadler 26 2015-05-10 First sail of the year on Derek Hathaway's Sadler 26. A chance to get re-acquainted with the boat before a planned cross channel trip in a couple of week's time. Quite bouncy to start with - apparently a F6. Wind dropped down to maybe a F3 to F4 for most of the rest of the time. Apart from, of course, when we needed it when sailing back in from the fairway buoy on a dead run against the neap tides
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Dawlish air show dinghy cruise 2015-08-22 "Officer of the day" for the Dawlish air show dinghy cruise. A good day out even though not everything went to plan. The thunder and lightening was a bit of a surprise and curtailed the "out to sea" bit of the dinghy cruise a bit early and stopped the later parts of the show from happening e.g. the Red Arrows. The Vulcan bomber on its last ever visit to the Dawlish show was very impressive. All in all a very good day out!
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Dart sail 2016-06-27 First sail of the year on Nigel H's Dart 18. Wind was up and down and we fought the tide on the way back to SYC but some fast speeds out at sea.
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Dawlish and Swing Bridges 2020-03-16 Into Dawlish and then back to the Swing Bridges.
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Dawlish and Exeter 2017-12-18 Into Dawlish with Liz to pay a bill and then up to Lutzy's on Exeter Quay. A lovely sunny winter's day with next to no wind. Liz says "bad back and snotty nose" the reason for the slightly low average speed.
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Dawlish 2018-02-13 Into Dawlish and back. A bit windy. Still not right after my lurgie.
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More Devon hills 2018-04-01 Out the back of Dawlish Water with Liz and on via Exminster. Some steep hills for us. A total of 410 metres vertical elevation (or 1345 feet)..
Dawlish Cycling With Hills 2019-07-01 Into Dawlish for some train tickets and then back round Dawlish Water, Kenn and Exminster. Elevation gain of 337 metres is about 300 metres more than our usual cycle rides!
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Devon Hills! 2019-08-11 After having had the cassette on my bike changed to an 11-34 to try and help me get up some hills, I thought I'd try out some hills. Big mistake - I'm not fit enough to do hills. I think I'd need another half dozen gears on the bike to get up some of these hills. Topped out at 250 metres above sea level (having started at sea level) and a total of 627 metres climbed. The ice cream at the Orange Elephant was good though. Knackered.
Exeter cycle ride 2019-08-12 Into Exeter and Dawlish with Liz for some shopping. Headwind on the way out.
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