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Exmouth beach walk 2019-11-15 Along to Sandy Bay again with the hound
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Exmouth and back 2018-10-29 Round to Exmouth Docks and back. Lovely Autumn afternoon.
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Exmouth bike ride 2020-06-02 Round to Exmouth on a lovely sunny summer's day. Slowed down a bit by the sea breezes on the last stretch home.
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Exmouth 2018-02-15 Round to Exmouth and back. Still not properly over the lurgie and seriously ran out of energy on the last 6 or 7 miles.
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Exmouth bike ride 2020-07-07 Round to Exmouth on the cycle path.
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Exmouth cycle ride 2020-06-09 Round to Exmouth and back.
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Exmouth and back 2019-01-11 Round to Exmouth an back. The first solo ride after a Xmas lurgie and I clearly wasn't fully over it. By the time I got to Cockwood Harbour I was spinning out. For the first time ever, I couldn't ride up the hill in Cockwood - and I had to stop a couple of times just walking up the hill. More convalescence required!
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Boxing day hound walk 2018-12-26 Took Scooby to one of his favourite walks - along the start of the Juassic Coast (well - the Exmouth bit) at low tide.
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Exmouth and back 2018-08-19 Round to Exmouth and back on the Genesis Day 02. Quite windy.
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Exmouth and back 2017-11-19 Round to Exmouth and back. Average speed not too bad given that I wasn't cycling hard (but I was on the posh bike).
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Sandy Bay dog walk 2016-12-27 A walk along the beach from Exmouth to Sandy Bay and then back over the cliff top (as the tide was coming in to cut off a return journey round Orcombe Point).
A beach cafe sail 2011-04-22 One of the many SYC to beach cafe sails swinging around a low tide.
Exmouth to Sandy Bay 2014-01-20 Last doggie walk of the holiday. From Exmouth to Sandy Bay and back again at low tide
Bike ride to Exmouth and back 2013-08-11 Bike ride round the Exe Estuary from Cockwood to Exmouth and back.
Scooby Exmouth walk 2013-03-29 Scooby takes Uncle Julian for a walk along the beach to Sandy Bay
Exmouth Xmas dog walk 2019-12-30 Seems everyone else in Devon had the same idea and took their dogs to Exmouth for a low tide dog walk. Think the phone GPS must be in a strop - don't think we reached 64 mph.
Scooby hound at Sandy Bay with a GPS 2014-03-03 Just for a change, we put the GPS on Scooby hound this time. Instead of the 3 miles we cover on this walk, Scooby managed to do 9. Click the Replay GPS Track tab to get an impression of Scooby haring backwards and forwards along the beach! Double click on the map to zoom in and see the hound's track from one side of the beach to the other, A lovely winter's day with a few surfers out and lots of ships in the bay.
Scooby new year beach walk 2014-01-02 One of Scoobys favourite walks - from Exmouth to Sandy Bay - the start of the Jurassic Coast. Back along the cliff top as the tide was coming in.
Scoobys 2nd favourite beach walk 2013-02-02 After Woolacombe at low tide
Round to Exmouth 2017-08-14 Round to Maer Rocks at Exmouth. Started raining just as I got to Exmouth. The last seven miles straight into the wind and the rain were hard work.
Straight Point and Exmouth Docks 2017-05-07 A sail on Derek's Fulmar down the estuary and then along to Straight Point (the Royal Marines weren't firing at the time). Sailed back alongside Julian's Halmatic 30 - the boats are nicely matched for speed. Then into Exmouth Marina whch was interesting. I'd not been into Exmouth Marina before in anything bigger than a RIB so going in under the lifting bridge in a 30 foot yacht was interesting.
Another Monday afternoon Jurassic Coast doggie walk 2013-06-24 From Exmouth to Sandy Bay at low tide.
Exmouth and back 2019-07-22 Round to Exmouth and back with Liz. The home made banana and chocolate cake at Exmouth and the double scoop Salcombe Dairy icecreams at Lympstone ensured we weren't calorie negative!
Scooby hound walk to Sandy Bay 2019-03-11 Round to Topsham to pick up the repaired Wayfarer sail and then on to Exmouth to give Scooby hound a low tide walk along to Sandy Bay. Scooby very excited!
Exmouth Marina to SYC 2017-05-09 Bringing Derek's Fulmar back to SYC from Exmouth Marina.
Exmouth to Sandy Bay 2017-01-15 A low tide dog walk from Exmouth to Sandy Bay.
Exe estuary drift 2012-06-17 Downstream against the incoming tide. Over on the Lympstone side for a change as there was some water. Got about as far as the Duck Pond before the tide started to change.
Another beach cafe sail 2011-03-23 Down to the beach cafe and then up the estuary a little bit waiting for some tide so we didnt have to pull th eboat up through too much mud
Exmouth and back 2017-07-30 Round to Exmouth and back. Stopped at the Turf Locks for a pint on the way back. And then another pint when Gerry H appeared. Quite a strong wind but mostly on the side until it moved to being dead on the nose after leaving the pub! The birds in the photos were by the Turf Locks. I thought they only "grouped up" like this just before they headed south for the winter and it's too early for that...
First bike ride of 2017 2017-01-03 Round to Exmouth and back. And today's lesson learned is not to eat a cheese and tomato toastie with chips at the Exmouth beach cafe immediately before heading off back into the wind for umpteen miles...
Exmouth to Sandy Bay 2015-10-12 A glorious sunny August summer's day in the middle of October! So we took Scooby for one of his favourite beach walks along the start of the Jurassic Coast to Sandy Bay. The cafe at the holiday camp was open and surprisingly pleasant! Watched the Royal Marines shoot things. Scooby mithered when we tried to sit on the beach for a bit and read - clearly not correct beach behaviour!
Exmouth to Sandy Bay doggie walk 2012-12-30 A low tide walk along the start of the Jurassic Coast. Every other dog owner in Devon had the same idea.
A dog walk and an accident 2017-11-18 A van ride round to Exmouth to give Scooby a walk on his favourite beach. Unfortunately, Scooby jumped a rock while chasing the ball but didn't spot the deep ditch on the other side. Scooby went head over heels and tore holes in both front legs. Two hours later Scooby was under sedation at the vets being stitched together again!
Exmouth and back 2016-12-28 A slightly longer cycle ride than usual. Average speed would probably have been a fair bit better if it wasn't for a strong wind right on the nose for the last 6 miles.
Round to Exmouth and back 2016-10-25 I missed out on yesterday's cycle ride due to the incessant rain and being a wuss. To make up, today's ride was round to Exmouth and the start of the Jurassic Coast. On the way out I told myself that I'd catch the ferry back. When I was there I thought "that wasn't so" bad so I rode back. It's a long way for someone like me!
Exmouth to Sandy Bay 2016-10-16 Another low tide dog walk from Exmouth sea front to Sandy Bay. Start of the Jurrasic Coast... More photos of Scooby on the beach and one of the moon over Exmouth the night before
Exmouth beack walk 2015-12-13 Another low tide Exmouth beach walk for Scooby. Scooby very happy with life.
Sandy Bay dog walk 2014-02-16 Another low tide walk along the Jurassic Coast from Orcombe Point to Sandy Bay
Last days of summer? 2016-10-02 A lovely summy summer's day - maybe one of the last of 2016? So we took Scooby on one of his favourite beach walks - from Exmouth to Sandy Bay. Got there a little late - just past low tide - so as we were unlikely to get back round Orcombe rocks without getting a bit wet on teh way back, we came back on the cliff top walk.
Two hounds at Sandy Bay 2015-02-21 Another walk from Exmouth to Sandy Bay (i.e. along the start of the Jurassic Coast) but this time with the next door neighbour's hound as well - Willow. Walk coincided with the lowest tide of the year (and a "super tide" at that)
Exmouth and back 2017-02-11 Round to Exmouth and back to meet up with the SYC dinghy cruisers at the Beach Cafe. Temperature was between one and two degrees with flurries of snow.
SYC trip to the beach cafe - by bike 2015-09-05 A first SYC organised cycle ride. From SYC on the west back round to the beach cafe at Exmouth on the east bank. Ten participants.
Budleigh on a tandem 2017-01-14 Darts Farm, Topsham to Budleigh Salterton and back. Liz's birthday present - a ride on a tandem. Quite a nice tandem - a Dawes hired from Darts Farm at Topsham. Some of the cycle track between Exmouth and Budleigh was being dug up so we had to go "off piste" for a bit and that meant going up some hills!
Sccoby walk to Sandy Bay 2015-01-05 First Exmouth to Sandy Bay Scooby walk of 2015.
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