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Thalmia launched 2019-04-06 Thalmia was craned in at Topsham Quay and then we went for a quick sail just out past the fairway buoy. The wind was up and down a lot. From nothing in the estuary to about 23 knots out at sea.
Dinghy sail to Dawlish 2013-08-10 Down from SYC, to the fairway buoy and on to the little harbour at the far end of Dawlish.
Out to the fairway buoy 2018-07-28 A windy sail - as expected. We went out just past the fairway buoy but as it was very gusty - 31 knots / mid force 7 - we snuck back in just before the tide got too low to return to the mooring.
Dinghy cruise to fairway buoy 2019-06-01 An excellent dinghy cruise. A steady F3 most of the time. Lunch at the beach cafe and then out as far as the fairway buoy. Pretty slow tacking out from the beach cafe to Maer Rocks as a lightish wind and the tide was now starting to flood in.
Liz's first safety boat drive 2018-08-25 Liz's first safety boat drive since getting her "Power Boat 2" training. An out to sea dinghy cruise - out as far as the fairway buoy anyway.
Up to buoy 45 2017-08-19 Quite a "feisty" sail as the weather did pretty much what was forecast - which was F4 gusting F5. They were fairly big gusts on the way out. Ran aground near the Turf Locks - whoops - and mutinous crew made the captain get out and push us off.
Ore Stone and back - Chaos 2015-09-26 Trial SYC "race" from Exe safe water mark, round the Teignmouth outfall buoy, round the Ore Stone and back to the Exe SWM. A really great day's sailing. Relaxed and sunny on the downwind leg to the Ore Stone and really good sailing on the upwind leg back to the Exe SWM. The wind moved round a little to the east on the way back making (for us) a straight line sail; pretty much all the way back. The "Chaos" in the title refers the the race's putative title - "CHase Around the Ore Stone"
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