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Poole to Keyhaven 2019-05-17

From Poole Harbour into the Solent to anchor up at Keyhaven.

With the easterly winds continuing, this sail and motor took us out of Poole Harbour (past Brownsea Island and the Sandbands/Studland chain ferry). We then past Bournemouth, Boscombe (where the cliff top hotel I grew up in has been knocked down) and Christchurch Ledge. We took the northern channel into the Solent going past Henry VIII's Hurst Castle and The Trap.

We anchored off Keyhaven to wait for enough tide to allow us to get into the Keyhaven anchorage (which is just north of Hurst Castle). A stunning location, we were the only boat anchored there!

Breakfast at Powderham Castle 2014-09-28 A hound walk to the Powderham Castle county store for breakfast outside the cafe. Watched bits of the Dawlish Triathlon and steam train going by.
First bike ride in a month 2013-09-30 First ride for quite a long time. Slow and things hurt!
Friday fitness regime 1 (Lizzie) 2013-10-04 Sunny bike ride
Windy cycle ride 2013-11-02 To the A379 and back via Powderham. Very windy!
Basic bike ride 2013-11-11 To the A379 and back via powderham Castle country store
Regular bike ride and trip to country store 2013-11-18 A bike ride to the A379 and then back via Powderham Castle country store
Default bike ride 2013-11-30 To the A379 and back via Powderham Country Store
Lizzie bike ride 2014-04-28 First time back on the bike for a couple of weeks. Up to the A379 and then back via Powderham Castle country store
Lizzie bike ride 2014-08-15 Went to buy bread. First bike ride in ages!
Cycle Ride to sailing club 2013-08-24 Shared commiserations for cancelled dinghy cruise
Kingston to Corfe Castle 2016-05-15 A lovely circular walk from Kingston (in the Purbecks) to Corfe Castle and back again. Lots of very old childhood memories.
Maiden Castle 2016-05-16 Stopped at Maiden Castle on the way home from the Purbecks. Scooby pulled all the way round - chasing sheep or ghosts of ancient Britons. Back via West Bay.
Dunstanburgh Castle and Craster 2016-09-07 Another day, another Northumberland beach for Scooby. A great walk along to the evocative ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle and then the excellent beaches at Embleton Bay. Back via Craster where the famous smoked fish shop / restaurant was advertising an interesting take on Cullen Skink soup. Unfortunately, they were shut at the time...
Devon Hills! 2018-01-08 After mostly avoiding hills while cycling for the last year, Liz and I actually went looking for some today. A ride out to Partridge Cycles at Kennford to get some spare inner tubes. Back via Exminster and Powederham Castle shop
Teign valley 2023-10-21 From Castle Drogo down to Fingle Bridge for a coffee and cake. Scooby Hound liked the walk.
Swing Bridge and Powderham Castle 2012-02-23 Along the estuary and canal to the Swing Bridge and back again with a detour to Powderham Castle for supplies
Swing bridges and back via Powder Castle 2013-08-12 Along the estuary and canal to the Swing Bridges and then back via Powderham Castle
Scooby walk to Powderham 2013-07-26 Scooby, Liz and Julian on a doggie walk to Powderham Country Stores
Liz and Jill go large 2013-06-14 Too much talking too much wind and too much carrot cake to make for a respectable average speed but not bad on the distance front. Next week the girls will be cycling to Exmouth and back apparently.
First Lizzie bike ride in a month 2013-06-07 Bad back excuses now over. First bike ride for Liz in a month
Slightly warmer cycle ride 2013-02-25 But not much warmer
Another frozen bike ride 2013-02-23 Lizzie shows great dedication in going out for a ride in the middle of the coldest spell of the winter so far.
A very windy cycle ride 2013-02-18 As it was too windy for Liz to go sailing yesterday it was obviously too windy for me to go cycling with her today. A windy cycle ride.
Breezy bike ride 2013-02-04 A windy bike ride to the A379 and back via Powderham Castle country store.
Another cold cycle ride 2013-01-21 Why did we start cycling again during the coldest weekend of the year? To the A379 and back again via Powderham Castle shop
Cold bike ride 2013-01-19 Cold. Very cold. Only lost two fingers to frost bite
Basic bike ride 2012-12-10 Along the estuary to the A379 and then to Powederham Castle country store. Cold
Lizzie bike ride 2012-09-27 To A379 and Powderham Castle
Saturday Lizzie training ride 2012-08-04 Up to the A379 and then to Powderham Castle. Including a stop at SYC to chat to the dinghy cruisers
A rather wet Sunday cycle ride 2012-08-05 It was wet. Very wet. VERY VERY wet. And it had just about the only winds of the day. Still - Liz enjoyed it.
Lizzies cycle training ride 2012-07-16 Round Exminster and to Powder Castle shop as well
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