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Two hounds at Sandy Bay 2015-02-21 Another walk from Exmouth to Sandy Bay (i.e. along the start of the Jurassic Coast) but this time with the next door neighbour's hound as well - Willow. Walk coincided with the lowest tide of the year (and a "super tide" at that)
Another Monday afternoon Jurassic Coast doggie walk 2013-06-24 From Exmouth to Sandy Bay at low tide.
Exmouth to Sandy Bay 2015-10-12 A glorious sunny August summer's day in the middle of October! So we took Scooby for one of his favourite beach walks along the start of the Jurassic Coast to Sandy Bay. The cafe at the holiday camp was open and surprisingly pleasant! Watched the Royal Marines shoot things. Scooby mithered when we tried to sit on the beach for a bit and read - clearly not correct beach behaviour!
Exmouth to Sandy Bay doggie walk 2012-12-30 A low tide walk along the start of the Jurassic Coast. Every other dog owner in Devon had the same idea.
Scooby new year beach walk 2014-01-02 One of Scoobys favourite walks - from Exmouth to Sandy Bay - the start of the Jurassic Coast. Back along the cliff top as the tide was coming in.
Scoobys 2nd favourite beach walk 2013-02-02 After Woolacombe at low tide
Sccoby walk to Sandy Bay 2015-01-05 First Exmouth to Sandy Bay Scooby walk of 2015.
Round to Exmouth and back 2016-10-25 I missed out on yesterday's cycle ride due to the incessant rain and being a wuss. To make up, today's ride was round to Exmouth and the start of the Jurassic Coast. On the way out I told myself that I'd catch the ferry back. When I was there I thought "that wasn't so" bad so I rode back. It's a long way for someone like me!
Exmouth to Sandy Bay 2016-10-16 Another low tide dog walk from Exmouth sea front to Sandy Bay. Start of the Jurrasic Coast... More photos of Scooby on the beach and one of the moon over Exmouth the night before
Exmouth beack walk 2015-12-13 Another low tide Exmouth beach walk for Scooby. Scooby very happy with life.
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