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Quick test of replacement kayak 2018-08-11 A short paddle in our replacement kayak - a replacement for the Wavesport Gemini that had an "impossible to spot" manufacturing flaw in one of the scupper holes such that it let in water. Replacement was bone dry after short paddle. Absolutely brilliant service from AW Watersports where we bought the kayak -
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Whole fleet paddling! 2018-08-27 Claire and her partner came out paddling on the Exe for the first time. Went mostly in the right direction most of the time.. Meant the whole Whiteley paddling fleet was on the Estuary at the same time (one kayak and one canoe).
Leaky kayak trip to the Turf 2018-08-06 Up to The Turf Locks in our new Wavesport Gemini to test out whether it is leaking excessively. On the previous Saturday's training we capsized the thing a couple of times and at the end of the day it needed to be drained of quite a lot of water. Today we only paddled for about 70 minutes - with no capsizes - and still it needed draining of a gallon or so of water. So we have a problem!
Sit on kayak - first time out 2018-07-25 First time out on our new sit on kayak.
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Kayak training 2018-08-04 Second time out on our Wavesports Gemini kayak and back trainign with Rob at SYC. Ideal timing - as hopefully it will get us into good habits from the start. We did some capsize practice. Liz was hugely brave and we did a second capsize to improve on our efforts from the first attempt. Got a lot better / easier the second time. The decent photos are by Elaine B.
Scooby's first kayak session 2018-09-29 An all important first session with Scooby on our new sit on top kayak. If Scooby refused to get on board that would have been a big blow to our plans to take the dog and kayak in the camper van doing "exploring south west estuary weekends". Happily Scooby did jump on board and started to get the hang of it. More practice needed before we take Scooby into deeper water.
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