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Breakfast at Lutzys 2018-10-07 Into Exeter with Liz for breakfast at Lutzys on the Quay.
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Exeter cycle ride 2019-06-10 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Coffee and a choccie brownie and Mrs Lutzys.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Exeter and back 2018-11-24 Into Exeter and back with Liz. First bike ride after a couple of weeks in India for work. From 30 degrees plus each day down to a couple of degrees and rain was a bit of a shock to the system. Stopped at Screwfix for house bits and Lutzys for coffee and a cup cake.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Coffee at Lutzys 2018-07-16 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Sea breeze helped on the way in and died on the way back. Liz goes super speedy just past the Turf (23 mph along the flat).
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Breakfast at Lutzys 2018-09-29 Into Exeter with Liz for breakfast at Lutzys on the Quay. Quite slow as it was Liz's first time back on the bike for about 6 weeks. Replacement saddle and grips on my bike were fine.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Windy Exeter ride 2018-01-01 A very breezy ride into Exeter with Liz. Hard work on the way out - easier on the way back. Exe was flooding so couldn't get all the way to the Mill on the Exe. Stopped at Lutzy's for coffee.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Into Exeter 2019-01-26 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Coffee and a custard tart at Lutzy's (after her Xmas / New Year break). Started to get windy on the way back.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Exeter ride 2019-03-23 Into Exeter with Liz for lunch at Mrs Lutzy's. A rather slow ride as Liz had a bad knee and was really only riding with one leg. I'm assuming if she'd had two legs available we'd have averaged 18 mph...
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Into Exeter and back 2018-12-01 A ride with Liz into Exeter for coffee and tarts at Lutzy's.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Exeter and back 2018-10-27 Into Exeter with Liz for coffee at Lutzys. Windy on the way out - about a F5 (enough get the dinghy cruise planned for the afternoon to be cancelled)
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Exeter 2018-05-18 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Coffee at Lutzys and then a fairly strong breeze to contend with on the way back.
Breakfast at Lutzys 2018-10-20 Into Exeter with Liz for breakfast at Lutzys
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Exeter and back 2018-06-10 Into Exeter and back with Liz with a stop at Lutzys for coffee. Liz's first time out on her bike for several weeks.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Another puncture 2019-03-27 Met up with Liz after she'd finished work and cycled into Exeter for lunch at Mrs Lutzys. Cycling back, I got a puncture. It was bad enough that the "snake eyes" double puncture highlighted that I'd been under inflating the tyres. What was much worse was that while I'd managed to bring the right sized spare tube for the new bike, I'd neglected to bring one with the right valve type to fit through the wheel. Trying to use a 20 year old puncture repair kit didn't work too well either. So Liz cycled on home and came back to rescue me from the canal car park by the Swans Nest for the second time in about 4 months.
2017 miles cycled in 2017 2017-12-02 This track reaches my target of cycling 2017 miles in 2017! Was meant to be a gentle ride to Lutzys for lunch but a torn wall on the side of Liz's tyre meant that we had to abandon and get a new tyre. Then into Exeter Quay a little later reaching the 2017 mile mark somewhere near the Turf Locks.
Liz ride to work and Exeter 2019-03-27 Liz cycle ride to work and then into Exeter with Aidan for lunch at Mrs Lutzys. Aidan had a puncture on the way home and had brought the right sized spare tyre but with the wrong sized valve. Doh. Liz cycled home and then rescued Aidan in the car.
Dawlish and Exeter 2017-12-18 Into Dawlish with Liz to pay a bill and then up to Lutzy's on Exeter Quay. A lovely sunny winter's day with next to no wind. Liz says "bad back and snotty nose" the reason for the slightly low average speed.
Lutzys, a puncture and the SYC AGM 2017-11-26 Coffees and custard cakes at Lutzys on the Quay. Then a puncture at Topsham Ferry so late to the SYC AGM. Then building a new SYC wind display page with Andy B.
Cycling into Brian 2017-10-21 In fact, Storm Brian was mostly a westerly and Liz and I were cycling mostly north / south so apart from the occasional big gust, it didn't make too much of a difference. The coffee and custard tart at Lutzys was very good!
New push bike 2019-02-02 Bought a Triban RC520 road bike and this was the first time out on it. Went with Liz to Dawlish Warren and then into a strong head wind into Exeter for coffee and a custard tart at Mrs Lutzys
Exeter and back 2019-02-24 After more fettling with the new Triban, into Exeter and back with Liz for coffee and choccie and Mrs Lutzy's.
Exeter cycle ride 2019-02-16 Into Exeter with Liz for coffee and a custard tart at Mrs Lutzy's.
Exeter and back 2018-04-23 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Stopped for a coffee at Lutzy's. Watched the dredger deepening the channel out from the Turf Locks.
More Devon Hills 2018-03-07 After the puncture last week where one of us didnt have a pump and the other pump was nigh on useless, LIz and I went out to Partidge Cycles to buy a couple of reasonable pumps. Then on to Lutyz's for a panini lunch. Lots of hills on the way out to Kennford!
Floods, a puncture and a disputed cupcake 2018-03-04 Post snow flooding on the Exe cycle path meant a bunch of walking. Liz didn't want the gorgeous Lutzy's cupcake bought for her so it was half each - the first "snack" this year! Then a blowout on the way home on Lizzie's rear tyre. Not helped by the poxy pump we had with us only being able to half inflate the tyre. A trip to the LBS tomorrow for a replacement.
Lutzys cafe 2017-11-11 A cycle ride into Exeter and back with Liz. Stopped at Lutzy's Cafe for the rather nice custard tarts and some coffee.
Exeter cycle ride 2019-06-03 Ride in to Exeter with Liz to buy a new buoyancy aid. Coffee at Mrs Lutzys.
A crash and some hills 2019-05-12 Out round Upton Pyne and Bramford Speke. There's some big hills around Upton Pyne! Loads of muppets on the cycle path and Liz tried to go round some and came off the bike. Grazed arms and legs and a bunch of bruising. So a slightly shaken ride back into the strong sea breeze on the way home. At least Mrs Lutzy's had some choccie cakes.
Marsh Barton 2017-12-22 Into Marsh Barton and Bakers Yard for some army Surplus and Brooks Basics shopping. Then on to Lutzy's for a coffee and pastry on the Quay.
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