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Lympstone and back 2019-01-20 Round to Lympstone and back
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Lympstone 2018-02-17 Round to Lympstone and back with Liz. Liz a bit lurgied.
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Lympstone and back 2017-11-06 Round to Lympstone and back with Liz. Stuck behind a slow moving convoy of JCBs just past the Turf.
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Lympstone cycle ride 2019-11-17 Round to Lympstone
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Lympstone bike ride 2020-03-14 A ride round to Lympstone gets Liz 130 miles in the last 7 days.
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Lympstone bike ride 2020-08-04 With a stop at SYC for some PC fettling.
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Lympstone cycling 2019-08-18 Round to Lympstone with Liz. Liz had a salted caramel ice cream and I had mango sorbet.
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Lympstone and back 2017-09-04 Round to Lympstone and back
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Lympstone and SYC 2018-03-30 Round to Lympstone and back. Stopped for a chat with Derek H whose Fulmar was on the edge of Topsham quay waiting to go in. Back via SYC to do some boar fettling. But after some coffee and a natter the weather was so grotty I gave up after replacing one jockey wheel on the launching trolley!
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Boxing day ride 2016-12-26 Round to Lympstone and back. A pleasant amble. Stopped quite a few times. First seeing Ann B in Lympstone on the cycle path. Hadn't seen Ann for quite a few years. Then stopped at woman sprawled in the road in Topsham. Not drunk (as Liz assumed!) but had twisted her Ugg booted ankle in a deep pot hole. Then spotted Caroline and Nigel on the road back from Starcross Yacht Club.
Lympstone and back 2018-07-21 Because there was no wind, Liz and decided to cycle round to Lympstone rather than go sailing. The sea breeze kicked in of course! Stonking chocolate and orange Salcombe ice cream in Lympstone.
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Another 26 miles 2016-11-06 Round to Lympstone and back again. Another windy ride. Stopped at SYC for the AGM.
Lympstone and Darts Farm 2018-01-14 Round to Lympstone and then on to Darts Farm to buy some new walking boots for Liz.
Lympstone and back 2017-03-12 Round to Lympstone with Liz. Watched the channel to Lympstone being deepened. The port hand channel mark at the Turf shouldn't be relied upon by mariners - given that it sits on a mud back - see the photos. Windy from the north.
Lympstone and back 2017-01-28 Round to Lympstone and back with Liz. Got rained on at Countess Wear.
Round to Lympstone 2017-08-20 Round to Lympstone and back with Liz. The remnants of a lurgy for Liz and the headwinds on the way back contributed to the single figure average speed!
Lympstone and back 2017-07-23 Round to Lympstone and back with Liz. Liz's first time back on a bike for about a month.
Lympstone and back 2017-04-29 Dinghy cruise was cancelled because the winds were too strong so Liz and I went cycling. Doh! Hard work on the way back from the Swing Bridges as it was straight into the F5 winds.
1000th mile! 2017-02-24 Round to Lympstone and back brought up the thousandth mile of cycling since I started cycling again in mid October i.e. 4 months ago. Fairly strong head wind from the north slowed things down a bit. Stopped in Topsham for a chat with Derek H who was working on his Fulmar.
Lympstone and back 2017-01-22 Round to Lympstone on a lovely winters afternoon. Enough wind for the sailors at Starcross Yacht Club but not so much as to make the cycling unpleasant. Photos are from Lympstone looking at SYC and from SYC looking at Lymptstone.
Exmouth and back 2019-07-22 Round to Exmouth and back with Liz. The home made banana and chocolate cake at Exmouth and the double scoop Salcombe Dairy icecreams at Lympstone ensured we weren't calorie negative!
Lympstone and back 2017-11-05 Strong winds from the north (force 6 maybe gusting a little more) made this quite a slow ride with Liz.
Lympstone and back 2017-10-23 Round to Lympstone with Liz and back via Darts Farm
Lympstone and back 2017-08-27 Round to Lympstone and back with Liz. Lovely hot summer's day.
Lympstone and back 2017-02-19 Round to Lympstone and back with Liz
Exe estuary drift 2012-06-17 Downstream against the incoming tide. Over on the Lympstone side for a change as there was some water. Got about as far as the Duck Pond before the tide started to change.
Lympstone and back 2017-10-15 Round to Lympstone and back again. Choccie bar near Lympstone Sailing Club, said 'hello' to Graham A at Topsham Sailing Club (who was putting Celtic Breeze to bed for the winter) and then round to Starcross Sailing Club for a coffee and a look at the Topper Open Meeting. A bit slow as Liz had some aches and pains and the wind was starting to get up.
Lympstone and back 2017-07-31 Round to Lympstone and back (via the Turf Locks again).
Ice cream at Lympstone 2018-08-18 As the wind was so light to start with, we sailed across to Lympstone for a chocolate and orange ice cream - but they were out of stock! A creamy strawberry was almost as nice. Then a few bits of decent wind as we sailed back and forth across the estuary in the Wayfarer.
Lympstone and back 2017-03-06 Round to Lympstone with Liz. Liz impressed with the new Aldi at Topsham and less impressed with the rain on the way back. Took some photos of a well preserved old fishing boat in the Turf Lock - later spotted heading off towards Lyme Regis way.
Lympstone and back 2017-02-04 A cycle ride with Liz round to Lympstone. Stopped at Topsham and Derek gave Liz a tour of Thalmia. Stopped at SYC on the way back - the club was starting to fill up with boats ahead of tomorrow's Starcross Steamer. The photos show the rather sad sight of the old Finnish navy motor torpedo boat - for so long moored in the canal - sunk on her moorings.
Lympstone and back 2016-12-04 Round the Exe Estuary trail to Lympstone and back.
First dinghy sail of 2016 2016-04-02 Weather forecast was for F5 gusting F6 and that was about right when we got to SYC. As this was the first dinghy cruise of the year, it was cancelled and replaced with a sail near the club. Put lots of reefs in so the crew didn't mutiny and then banged about across the estuary and back a few times. Turned out to be a fun sail.
Exton to Lympstone 2012-07-16 A Scooby walk along the Exe Estuary path from Exton to Lympstone and back.
Up river sail 2019-08-24 Out in the Wayfarer for an up river sail at the top of a very neapy tide. Near enough perfect wind. F3 - maybe occasionally a F4. Then out for a quick jaunt across the river in Richard F's Comet Versa.
Lympstone and back 2016-12-19 Round to Lympstone for a very nice and rather spicy tomato soup in the Swan Inn. This ride takes me just over 500 miles since I started this regular cycling stuff back in mid October.
Lympstone and back 2016-11-05 A windy ride round to Lympstone and back. Back on the Marin after its trip to the LBS for a new rear wheel. Not a happy bike - gear change was really sloppy, the chain came off and the rear brake rubbed. No wonder it all felt such hard work. Stopped at the Swing Bridges to watch them open to let yachts up to the canal basin.
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