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Maiden Castle 2016-05-16 Stopped at Maiden Castle on the way home from the Purbecks. Scooby pulled all the way round - chasing sheep or ghosts of ancient Britons. Back via West Bay.
Scooby walk to Powderham 2013-07-26 Scooby, Liz and Julian on a doggie walk to Powderham Country Stores
Kingston to Corfe Castle 2016-05-15 A lovely circular walk from Kingston (in the Purbecks) to Corfe Castle and back again. Lots of very old childhood memories.
Another frozen bike ride 2013-02-23 Lizzie shows great dedication in going out for a ride in the middle of the coldest spell of the winter so far.
Breezy bike ride 2013-02-04 A windy bike ride to the A379 and back via Powderham Castle country store.
Regular bike ride and trip to country store 2013-11-18 A bike ride to the A379 and then back via Powderham Castle country store
A very windy cycle ride 2013-02-18 As it was too windy for Liz to go sailing yesterday it was obviously too windy for me to go cycling with her today. A windy cycle ride.
Cold bike ride 2013-01-19 Cold. Very cold. Only lost two fingers to frost bite
Lizzies cycle training ride 2012-07-16 Round Exminster and to Powder Castle shop as well
Basic bike ride 2013-11-11 To the A379 and back via powderham Castle country store
Friday fitness regime 1 (Lizzie) 2013-10-04 Sunny bike ride
Swing bridges and back via Powder Castle 2013-08-12 Along the estuary and canal to the Swing Bridges and then back via Powderham Castle
First Lizzie bike ride in a month 2013-06-07 Bad back excuses now over. First bike ride for Liz in a month
Swing Bridge and Powderham Castle 2012-02-23 Along the estuary and canal to the Swing Bridge and back again with a detour to Powderham Castle for supplies
Devon Hills! 2018-01-08 After mostly avoiding hills while cycling for the last year, Liz and I actually went looking for some today. A ride out to Partridge Cycles at Kennford to get some spare inner tubes. Back via Exminster and Powederham Castle shop
Lizzie bike ride 2014-08-15 Went to buy bread. First bike ride in ages!
Lizzie bike ride 2014-04-28 First time back on the bike for a couple of weeks. Up to the A379 and then back via Powderham Castle country store
Default bike ride 2013-11-30 To the A379 and back via Powderham Country Store
Another cold cycle ride 2013-01-21 Why did we start cycling again during the coldest weekend of the year? To the A379 and back again via Powderham Castle shop
Basic bike ride 2012-12-10 Along the estuary to the A379 and then to Powederham Castle country store. Cold
A rather wet Sunday cycle ride 2012-08-05 It was wet. Very wet. VERY VERY wet. And it had just about the only winds of the day. Still - Liz enjoyed it.
Windy cycle ride 2013-11-02 To the A379 and back via Powderham. Very windy!
First bike ride in a month 2013-09-30 First ride for quite a long time. Slow and things hurt!
Slightly warmer cycle ride 2013-02-25 But not much warmer
Lizzie bike ride 2012-09-27 To A379 and Powderham Castle
Saturday Lizzie training ride 2012-08-04 Up to the A379 and then to Powderham Castle. Including a stop at SYC to chat to the dinghy cruisers
Liz and Jill go large 2013-06-14 Too much talking too much wind and too much carrot cake to make for a respectable average speed but not bad on the distance front. Next week the girls will be cycling to Exmouth and back apparently.
Breakfast at Powderham Castle 2014-09-28 A hound walk to the Powderham Castle county store for breakfast outside the cafe. Watched bits of the Dawlish Triathlon and steam train going by.
Cycle Ride to sailing club 2013-08-24 Shared commiserations for cancelled dinghy cruise
Dunstanburgh Castle and Craster 2016-09-07 Another day, another Northumberland beach for Scooby. A great walk along to the evocative ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle and then the excellent beaches at Embleton Bay. Back via Craster where the famous smoked fish shop / restaurant was advertising an interesting take on Cullen Skink soup. Unfortunately, they were shut at the time...
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