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Monday evening sail 2012-05-21 A suprisingly breezy Monday evening sail.
A sunny Monday evening sail 2012-07-23 A great Monday evening sail. The tail end of a F3 sea breeze and a strong incoming Spring tide. The average speed over the ground may not win any prizes but a cracking sail down past the floating cafe and through the moorings
Shortest sail ever! 2014-08-09 Quite gusty winds on top of a F4. Liz didn't like it much so we came back after getting to buoy 27. Liz claims it is the early arrival of Hurricane Bertha...
Day sail instead of Newport Trophy 2012-06-23 A breezy sail into a southerly F5 wind while taking advantage of a gap between the high winds. Tried out sailing with a sea anchor for the first time. A slightly nervous wait for the tide to rise enough to get back in to the Exe while hoping that a forecast force 8 would only come in later as per the forecast.
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