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Another Monday afternoon Jurassic Coast doggie walk 2013-06-24 From Exmouth to Sandy Bay at low tide.
Exmouth to Sandy Bay 2014-01-20 Last doggie walk of the holiday. From Exmouth to Sandy Bay and back again at low tide
Scooby Exmouth walk 2013-03-29 Scooby takes Uncle Julian for a walk along the beach to Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay dog walk 2016-12-27 A walk along the beach from Exmouth to Sandy Bay and then back over the cliff top (as the tide was coming in to cut off a return journey round Orcombe Point).
Scooby hound walk to Sandy Bay 2019-03-11 Round to Topsham to pick up the repaired Wayfarer sail and then on to Exmouth to give Scooby hound a low tide walk along to Sandy Bay. Scooby very excited!
Exmouth to Sandy Bay 2017-01-15 A low tide dog walk from Exmouth to Sandy Bay.
Sail on Derek's Sadler 26 2014-05-18 Past Straight Point and on to Budleigh. Not much wind for some of the time but a lovely day and a lovely sail.
Exmouth Xmas dog walk 2019-12-30 Seems everyone else in Devon had the same idea and took their dogs to Exmouth for a low tide dog walk. Think the phone GPS must be in a strop - don't think we reached 64 mph.
Scooby hound at Sandy Bay with a GPS 2014-03-03 Just for a change, we put the GPS on Scooby hound this time. Instead of the 3 miles we cover on this walk, Scooby managed to do 9. Click the Replay GPS Track tab to get an impression of Scooby haring backwards and forwards along the beach! Double click on the map to zoom in and see the hound's track from one side of the beach to the other, A lovely winter's day with a few surfers out and lots of ships in the bay.
Exmouth to Sandy Bay 2015-10-12 A glorious sunny August summer's day in the middle of October! So we took Scooby for one of his favourite beach walks along the start of the Jurassic Coast to Sandy Bay. The cafe at the holiday camp was open and surprisingly pleasant! Watched the Royal Marines shoot things. Scooby mithered when we tried to sit on the beach for a bit and read - clearly not correct beach behaviour!
Exmouth to Sandy Bay doggie walk 2012-12-30 A low tide walk along the start of the Jurassic Coast. Every other dog owner in Devon had the same idea.
Scooby new year beach walk 2014-01-02 One of Scoobys favourite walks - from Exmouth to Sandy Bay - the start of the Jurassic Coast. Back along the cliff top as the tide was coming in.
Scoobys 2nd favourite beach walk 2013-02-02 After Woolacombe at low tide
A dog walk and an accident 2017-11-18 A van ride round to Exmouth to give Scooby a walk on his favourite beach. Unfortunately, Scooby jumped a rock while chasing the ball but didn't spot the deep ditch on the other side. Scooby went head over heels and tore holes in both front legs. Two hours later Scooby was under sedation at the vets being stitched together again!
Exmouth to Sandy Bay 2016-10-16 Another low tide dog walk from Exmouth sea front to Sandy Bay. Start of the Jurrasic Coast... More photos of Scooby on the beach and one of the moon over Exmouth the night before
Exmouth beack walk 2015-12-13 Another low tide Exmouth beach walk for Scooby. Scooby very happy with life.
Sandy Bay dog walk 2014-02-16 Another low tide walk along the Jurassic Coast from Orcombe Point to Sandy Bay
Last days of summer? 2016-10-02 A lovely summy summer's day - maybe one of the last of 2016? So we took Scooby on one of his favourite beach walks - from Exmouth to Sandy Bay. Got there a little late - just past low tide - so as we were unlikely to get back round Orcombe rocks without getting a bit wet on teh way back, we came back on the cliff top walk.
Two hounds at Sandy Bay 2015-02-21 Another walk from Exmouth to Sandy Bay (i.e. along the start of the Jurassic Coast) but this time with the next door neighbour's hound as well - Willow. Walk coincided with the lowest tide of the year (and a "super tide" at that)
Sccoby walk to Sandy Bay 2015-01-05 First Exmouth to Sandy Bay Scooby walk of 2015.
Lantic Bay 2015-06-26 A short walk down to Lantic Bay to give the dog a bit of "stick action" before going on to Lostwithiel for the night. Might only have been a very short walk but, my, was it steep down to the beach. One hundred and forty one metres of vertical ascent from the beach to the top of the fields above it. Went down to the bay in mist, gloop and mizzle and came back hot and sweaty in bright sunshine.
Eype, West Bay and Bridport 2018-04-16 From Eype over high (Jurassic) cliffs to West Bay. About a F4 but southerly so entering West Bay harbour by boat would have been problematic - and a bit bouncy one inside on the outer pontoons. Then up by the Birt River to Bridport. Not sure why the usually excellent South West Coastpath web site ( recommended going into Bridport - just some muddy fields and a housing estate!
Looe 2017-09-12 A walk from Bay View Farm campsite down to Looe, on to Hannafore Point and then opposite St Georges Island
Mawgan Porth and Watergate Bay 2014-09-17 Actually the GPS track is just of Mawgan Porth but most of Scooby's walk was at Watergate Bay which is one bay to the west of here and quite a bit bigger. Good crab soup at the Beach Hut at Watergate Bay.
Three Cliffs Bay 2016-09-17 The last of the beaches on Scooby's "Tour Of Britain's Best Beaches". After 1650 miles and 16 days and ten beaches, our final beach was was at Three Cliffs Bay on the Gower. Not quite all to ourselves and there were several thousand people doing a 14 mile walk for Macmillan Nursing.
Dunstanburgh Castle and Craster 2016-09-07 Another day, another Northumberland beach for Scooby. A great walk along to the evocative ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle and then the excellent beaches at Embleton Bay. Back via Craster where the famous smoked fish shop / restaurant was advertising an interesting take on Cullen Skink soup. Unfortunately, they were shut at the time...
CI & France 2015 - St Peter Port to Dixcart Bay 2015-05-23 A lovely sail across from St Peter Port on Guernsey to Dixcart Bay on Sark. Climbed the path to the village on Sark but the ice cream shop was shut! Had to make do with a pint in the pub. Spent the night at anchor in Dixcart Bay
Rock 2019-04-24 Back to Rock (opposite Padstow) for a slightly soggy walk along to the mouth of the Camel Estuary. Visited St Endoc Church - the last resting place of John Betjeman - and considered his lifetime's regret! Expensive lunch in the cafe above Rock Beach lifeboat station!
Sark to St Peter Port 2018-06-02 Round from La Greve de la Ville anchorage on the east side of Sark to the Saigne Bay anchorage on the west side. The Saigne Bay anchorage has some rather dramatic rock stacks (think James Bond / The Man With The Golden Gun - but smaller). The on - via the Gouliot Passage and one of the passages north of the Lower Heads cardinal - to St Peter Port marina to meet up with lots of other Starcross Yacht Club "yotties" for the traditional meal in La Perla.
Morte Point 2017-10-29 From Lee Bay along the coast path to Bull Point lighthouse and then on around Morte Point. Some big up and downie bits along the way and some scary (for me) cliff top paths! Camera was happy with the sunlight though.
Sark to Treguier, France 2016-05-30 A long downwind sail from the overnight anchorage at Dixcart Bay, Sark to Treguier in Brittany, France. The wind was just about dead aft so lots of goose winging (with preventer set) and running. We were going to go south of both the Plateau des Roches-Douvres and Plateau de Barnouic but Julian P on Kinfolk had the good idea to go between - there was lots of room for this when we looked at the charts. This meant that we got to Treguier quicker than expected so we abandoned the plan to anchor in the lower reaches of the river and continued all the way up to Treguier. Treguier Marina has a fearsome reputation for cross tides causing havoc but as it was quite neapy we all moored up safely in the marina. The pilot books make the approaches to Treguier sound very complicated but the "Grande Passe" route in was very straightforward - we'll leave the Basse De La Gainer route for another time! Simon T's cat was attacked by dolphins just inside the fairway - I'm sure there's a Sun headline in there somewhere...
St Peter Port to Sark 2016-05-29 A lovely sail from St Peter Port, Guernsey across to Dixcart Bay, Sark. Having seen, from the sea, the high, narrow path from Sark to Little Sark (La Coupee - Google it) I'd never have thought that I'd actually walk across it. Worth it though for some of the photos taking looking back to Guernsey and Herm. The ship that can been seen in some of the photos of the yachts at anchor is believed to be the Patricia seen two days previously off Torbay!
Iles Chausey to St Helier 2018-05-31 Out from the Iles Chausey via the northern passage. Look carefully at the chart and you'll see that the passage dries to a height of up to 4.5 metres! However, with a tidal range of 10 metres and the excellent French navigational markers and transits (which again can be seen on the chart at higher zooms), the passage pilotage was fine. Iles Chausey was exceptional - a truly stunning place. What wasn't so good was all the flies that migrated from the rocks that were covered at high water and hitched a ride on the boats all the way to Jersey. At Jersey, we anchored in St Aubins Bay waiting for enough water over the cill at St Helier marina.
St Mawes to St Just In Roseland 2017-03-19 A circular walk round part of the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. From St Mawes up along the estuary to the old churchyard at St Just In Roseland. Then back inland to St Mawes. Stopped at Pineapple bay - at least that's what the sign there called it!
Dittisham to QAB Plymouth 2015-06-21 Round from Dittisham on the Dart to Queen Annes Battery marina in Plymouth. With the wind forecast to be F4 to F5 from the west and most of the trip being westwards, this was going to be an interesting trip. Start Point planning was spot on - we arrived just at the very last of the flood tide meaning little adverse tide but, more importantly, no wind over tide. So Start Point was a pussy cat. Prawle Point and Bolt Head made up for this though. With wind over tide by then, the seas there were "interesting" as the wind gusted to 22 knots (low end of a force 6). Some of the biggest overfalls I've been through for quite some time! As we got to Bigbury Bay the wind was a better angle and we got to sail rather than the motor sailing we did from just past Start. Into QAB about 8pm.
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