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Lymington to Studland 2019-05-23

A sail from Lymington out of the Solent past Hurst Castle, past Christchurch Harbour and on to an anchorage at Studland.

After leaving Lymington we sailed past Hurst Castle to leave the Solent and enter Christchurch Bay. We sailed past Christchucrh Harbour - where I learnt to sail 40 years ago - and on past Hengistbury Head.

As we sailed over Christchurch Ledge we encountered a small patch of overfalls. These were no problem in a 32 foot Westerley Fulmar but the experience was somewhat different when I encountered overfalls for the first time at this spot about 40 years ago in my parents' Wayfarer!

We then sailed on past Boscombe and Bornemouth (taking photos of what has now replaced my parents' hotel on the cliff above Boscombe Pier) and then we set a course for an anchorage at Studland.

As we were nearing Studland we encountered three black RIBs with dark clad men on board. Shortly after, a large military helicopter joined us overhead and started transferring men from the speeding RIBs to the helicopter. Although Poole is a major Royal Marine base, I would guess these might have been from the Special Boat Service.

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Studland to Portland Harbour 2019-05-24

From Studland past St Albans Head to Portland Harbour with a stop at Lulworth Cove.

We weighed anchor early at the Studland anchorage to be able to get past the Lulworth Gunnery Range before the army started firing at 09:30. This meant an inshore passage past the St Albans Head. While not in the same league as Portland Bill, St Aldhams Ledge does have a bit of a "reputation" and the inshore passage doesn't always exist (see here and here for a couple of fun Youtube videos of yachts rounding St Albans Head). In our case we were crossing about mid tide with maybe a F4 against the tide so we could have expected some lumpiness. In fact, it was a pussycat - no idea why! Then on to the circular inlet in the cliffs that is Lulworth Cove. When we dropped anchor there we were the only yacht there - the benefits of early season cruising! Then on to Portland Marina. Built for the 2012 Olympics the place is huge.

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Studland and Old Harry Rocks 2021-10-24 Over the chain ferry at Sandbanks and on to Studland for a walk past Old Harry Rocks and up Ballard Down. Rain came in - as predicted - in the second half of the walk. Quite a breezy day with overfalls to the south of Old Harry.
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