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Topsham Cycle Ride 2020-06-25 Round to Topsham for the hottest day of the year. Paid "Topsham prices" for the first ice creams since lock down.
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Topsham cycle ride 2018-12-22 Round to Topsham with Liz
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Post work Topsham cycle ride 2020-06-17 Round to Topsham. Some wind.
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Topsham cycle ride 2020-05-18 After a couple of days of cycling hills, today was an easier ride round to Topsham on the somewhat quieter cycle path.
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Topsham 2018-05-13 Round to Topsham with Liz. Sat on the quay and watched the Tudor Rose try and dock.
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Fulmar Fettling In Topsham 2018-03-24 Round to Topsham to help Derek with a few end of winter jobs on his Westerly Fulmar
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Topsham Cycle Ride 2020-06-15 Round to Topsham for coffee and chocolate brownies on the quay.
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Boat fettling at Topsham 2019-03-18 Round to Topsham to help Derek H fit the main sail and new mailsail cover to his Fulmar, Then on to Brooks Basics for bits and pieces for Liz's pallets based compost bins.
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Topsham and back 2017-10-27 Round to Topsham to help Derek take the sails of his Fulmar
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Boat fettling in Topsham 2020-03-16 Round to Topsham to help Derek H put sails and stuff back on his boat after the winter. Derek went up the mast - far braver than me.
Boxing day ride 2016-12-26 Round to Lympstone and back. A pleasant amble. Stopped quite a few times. First seeing Ann B in Lympstone on the cycle path. Hadn't seen Ann for quite a few years. Then stopped at woman sprawled in the road in Topsham. Not drunk (as Liz assumed!) but had twisted her Ugg booted ankle in a deep pot hole. Then spotted Caroline and Nigel on the road back from Starcross Yacht Club.
Tospham cycle ride 2018-03-25 Round to Topsham.with LIz. Had a drink and watched some boats. Back via SYC. Had a drink and watched some boats.
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Fulmar fettling 2018-03-06 Round to Topsham to help Derek H with putting bits and pieces back on his Westerley Fulmar.
Topsham ferry cycle ride 2020-03-17 A sort, quick ride to Topsham Ferry - to get a ride in before Liz goes to work. Would probably have broken 11 mph average if not stopping at Spar for provisions.
Topsham cycle ride 2020-03-09 Round to Darts Farm. Stopped at Topsham Quay to see who was working on their boat and for coffee and a hot cross bun.
Topsham and back 2017-02-26 Round to Topsham to help Derek H put some lines back on his Fulmar. Met up with Liz on the way back and stopped at SYC for a bit. Windy - very windy on the way back.
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Thalmia launched 2019-04-06 Thalmia was craned in at Topsham Quay and then we went for a quick sail just out past the fairway buoy. The wind was up and down a lot. From nothing in the estuary to about 23 knots out at sea.
1000th mile! 2017-02-24 Round to Lympstone and back brought up the thousandth mile of cycling since I started cycling again in mid October i.e. 4 months ago. Fairly strong head wind from the north slowed things down a bit. Stopped in Topsham for a chat with Derek H who was working on his Fulmar.
First paddle of 2015 2015-06-07 Up the Exe stuary to Topsham and under the motorway bridge.
Thalmia to Topsham 2019-10-16 Up to Trouts at Topsham on Thalmia ready for her winter lift out.
Lympstone and back 2017-02-04 A cycle ride with Liz round to Lympstone. Stopped at Topsham and Derek gave Liz a tour of Thalmia. Stopped at SYC on the way back - the club was starting to fill up with boats ahead of tomorrow's Starcross Steamer. The photos show the rather sad sight of the old Finnish navy motor torpedo boat - for so long moored in the canal - sunk on her moorings.
Topsham paddling 2020-05-25 After dropping off Derek H's tender on his mooring we headed up towards Topsham in the new kayak. We passed Derek coming down in his Fulmar - having just launched from Topsham Quay.
Round to Topsham 2019-11-25 Coffee on the Quay at Topsham. Another puncture on the Estuary cycle track - at almost exactly the same spot I had a blowout about a month ago! Popped in to SYC to see why the gate was open - ongoing maintenance.
2200 miles cycled this year 2017-12-30 With the start of Storm Dylan bringing in some winds, I cycled just far enough to reach 2200 miles in 2017 (and far enough to prove I'd finally fixed the slow puncture that had been giving me grief).
Canoe to Topsham 2018-05-05 A paddle in the Canadian canoe from SYC up past Topsham to just a bit beyond the motorway bridge. Stopped at the Turf Locks to watch some yachts coming out from their winter quarters.
Thalmia moored at SYC 2017-04-06 Helping Derek put Thalmia on her mooring at SYC for the first time. In fact, when I missed getting the pick up on to the cleat, we proved that Derek can moor her OK single handed anyway!
The not-Topsham sail 2013-08-18 Thought the westerly wind would be ideal for a sail up to Topsham. However, it turned out to be too gusty and with large wind shifts to make that a good idea.
A tale of two ferries 2016-08-14 Up to buoy 45 at Topsham (off the Goat Walk) passing the Topsham to Turf ferry and then down to Starcross (to the Starcross to Exmouth ferry pier). Then round the floating cafe and back to SYC. A gorgeous day's sailing. A strong F3 up near Topsham and one of those rare days that it was warm enough to sail without a spray top. Marvelous.
Short post work ride 2020-03-19 Up to the Topsham foot ferry with Liz after work.
Darts Farm boot shopping 2020-01-20 Round to Darts Farm and Topsham with Liz to buy some new walking boots.
Spring sea breezes 2018-05-07 Up towards Topsham with a lovely sea breeze is glorious sunny bank holiday weather. Then down towards the Exe floating cafe - at which point the sea breeze pretty much died - most unusual. Then out with the little Honda 2.3 outboard to see whether it still goes and is reliable. Seems to be!
First Fulmar Outing 2017-04-01 Some fettling on Derek H's boat (re-attaching reefing lines etc) and then a quick outing along the Topsham part of the River Exe. Upwind under main and downwind under genoa. Lovely boat.
Last time on Amelie? 2016-10-15 Helping take Derek H's Sadler 26 up to its winter quarters in Topsham - via Trouts Boatyard pontoon. Could be the last time on Amelie as Derek is thinking of a possible change to a Westerly Fulmar
Up river sail 2014-08-16 A very pleasant up river sail as far as Topsham Sailing Club. Between F2 and F4 in the estuary but died away to very little when going up the estuary. With the tide having turned, we didn't get much furtehr than TSC.
Up river to Topsham Quay and back 2014-04-19 Second sail of the season up the Exe as far as Topsham Quay (where the winds got a little too light and fickle to go much further). A high tide sail so straight over "Greenland" on the way up.
Liz, Jill and Ben stroke Agas 2013-07-05 Liz, Jill and Ben cycle to Darts Farm and lust after the Aga cookers. Jills son probably not so impressed. Back via Topsham. Average speed severely affected by taking GPS with them when Aga stroking. Rather unbelievable max speed generated when Liz heads towards the till mistakenly believing she can actually aford an Aga.
Up river sail 2019-08-24 Out in the Wayfarer for an up river sail at the top of a very neapy tide. Near enough perfect wind. F3 - maybe occasionally a F4. Then out for a quick jaunt across the river in Richard F's Comet Versa.
Up river to the Goat Walk 2012-04-28 A trip up river to the Goat Walk before the weekend gales came in
Up river sail 2016-10-22 First time out on the Wayfarer for quite some time. The wind didn't manage the promised F3 / F4 and we ran out of wind trying to get past Topsham. A seal popped its head out the water about 10 yards away from us and watched us sail by the Turf. Liz would have taken a photo but was too preoccupied trying to retrieve the Double Decker she'd dropped down the centre board casing. Pleasant sail/drift in the autumn sun.
Up river - twice 2014-08-31 A lovely sunny day. Wayfarer sail up river and then up river again. Winds got a bit light going up the Exe towards Topsham and the Clyst so just sailed round and round.
Up to buoy 45 2017-08-19 Quite a "feisty" sail as the weather did pretty much what was forecast - which was F4 gusting F5. They were fairly big gusts on the way out. Ran aground near the Turf Locks - whoops - and mutinous crew made the captain get out and push us off.
Weymouth to Topsham 2016-11-14 From Weymouth round Portland Bill to Topsham at the top of the Exe. Stage three in bringing Derek H's new Fulmar back to the Exe. With very big Spring tides, we took the offshore route around the East Shambles buoy and a few miles off Portland Bill. With the wind pretty much on the nose after we turned west, we motored most of the way back from Portland Bill. With the wind varying between 12 and 20 knots against us and 1 or 2 knots of tide with us, the first half of the journey back to the Exe (after Portland Bill) was a little bouncy at times. We reached the Exe just as it got dark - the trip back up the Exe in the dark and with big tides was interesting! With the Exe's mix of lit and unlit buoys and moorings encroaching on the channel, I really wouldn't recommend going up the Exe at night without local knowledge!
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