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Exeter and back 2019-02-04 Into Exeter and back. Headwind on the way in.
Tags: Exeter Triban
Work cycle ride 2019-02-26 First commute on the new Triban
Tags: Triban Work
SYC and back 2019-02-03 Down to SYC for some website stuff. First solo ride on new Triban RC520 having changed the stem over to change the riding angle. Worked well.
Tags: SYC Triban
Round to Topsham 2019-02-17 Round to Topsham with a stop at SYC on the way back. Lost miles by forgetting to re-start the GPS after leaving Topsham - doh!
New push bike 2019-02-02 Bought a Triban RC520 road bike and this was the first time out on it. Went with Liz to Dawlish Warren and then into a strong head wind into Exeter for coffee and a custard tart at Mrs Lutzys
Exeter and back 2019-02-24 After more fettling with the new Triban, into Exeter and back with Liz for coffee and choccie and Mrs Lutzy's.
Exeter cycle ride 2019-02-16 Into Exeter with Liz for coffee and a custard tart at Mrs Lutzy's.
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