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Work cycle ride 2019-05-31 Stopped for a pint at the Turf on the way home
Tags: Turf Work
Work cycle ride 2019-08-30 Friday evening pint at the Turf on the way back. Too many wasps!
Tags: Turf Work
Canoe to Topsham 2018-05-05 A paddle in the Canadian canoe from SYC up past Topsham to just a bit beyond the motorway bridge. Stopped at the Turf Locks to watch some yachts coming out from their winter quarters.
Back from The Turf 2019-06-21 Ride back from the Turf Locks
Tags: Turf Locks
Exe Regatta canoeing 2019-06-09 A paddle from Generals Lane slipway in Starcross up to the Turf. Stopped at SYC on the way back to watch some of the Exe Regatta and to let the tide get a bit stronger to help us back against the wind.
Work cycle ride 2018-07-27 met up with Liz and The Turf on the way home for a commisoratory drink after being turned down for voluntary redundancy again.
New Powderham bridge 2014-09-28 After seven years of talking, planning and objections the bridge for the final section of the Exe Estuary cycle trail at Powderham finally went in. Of course, we weren't cycling on the way to the Turf Locks
Work to Turf 2019-06-21 Post work pint at The Turf Locks. Looks as though I needed a pint as the average speed of 16.5 mph is quite good for me. There was a slight tail wind - but not that strong.
Leaky kayak trip to the Turf 2018-08-06 Up to The Turf Locks in our new Wavesport Gemini to test out whether it is leaking excessively. On the previous Saturday's training we capsized the thing a couple of times and at the end of the day it needed to be drained of quite a lot of water. Today we only paddled for about 70 minutes - with no capsizes - and still it needed draining of a gallon or so of water. So we have a problem!
Canoe trip from SYC to Turf Pub 2013-07-08 A canoe trip from SYC to the Turf Pub on the Exe Estuary. Set out near low tide. Journey follows the just greater than paddle depth contour on the way out and later, with the higher tide, on the way back.
Exmouth and back 2017-07-30 Round to Exmouth and back. Stopped at the Turf Locks for a pint on the way back. And then another pint when Gerry H appeared. Quite a strong wind but mostly on the side until it moved to being dead on the nose after leaving the pub! The birds in the photos were by the Turf Locks. I thought they only "grouped up" like this just before they headed south for the winter and it's too early for that...
Up river to the Turf 2013-04-28 Only the 2nd dinghy sail of the year. Up river as far as the Turf in a nice gentle breeze
Work cycle ride 2019-08-23 Stopped at the Turf on the way back. A little windy on the way back.
First drift of the year 2018-04-07 Sailed up towards the Turf and then rowed most of the way back. Not the F3 promised.
First Wayfarer sail of 2017 2017-04-02 First time out in the Wayfarer this year. A very gentle sail and then a drift back down with the tide as the wind died away as forecast. Some noisy scroat was scaring up the birds in a hovercraft between the Clyst and the Goat Walk.
Walking the hound to the Turf 2013-05-26 A hound walk to to the Turf Pub with Scooby Lizzie and Julian
Lympstone and back 2017-07-31 Round to Lympstone and back (via the Turf Locks again).
Cockwood to the Turf and back 2014-07-20 From Cockwood Harbour to SYC and then on to the Turf, Then back again via Bull Hill Bank so Scooby could have a bit of a run about.
Scoobys morning walk 2012-01-15 From near Powderham Church towards the Turf Locks and back again
First sail of the year 2014-03-09 A lovely breeze and some sun for the first dinghy sail of the year in the Wayfarer. Pottered round the club for a while to see if anything would break after the winter period without any sails. All fine - so headed up river. Bang! The port hand shroud parted company with the boat! A quick tack and then Liz repaired the problem (the circlip had come away from the pin holding the stay to the boat - luckily the pin was still hanging there). Lovely sail then back to the club.
To St Davids and back 2016-10-27 Slightly longer cycle ride today to make up for doing the last 2.5 miles yesterday by car (due to having broken three spokes on the rear wheel). So it was on the "spare bike" today which I hadn't ridden in about a decade. That's a Ridgeback Genesis Day 2. I stopped riding it as the estuary path used to be too rough for it. With the new cycle way its an ideal bike. At maybe a couple of stone lighter than the normal bike (with its panniers etc) and with no breeze at all, it felt like cheating. Keeping up with Liz was much easier than the last couple of time!
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