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Wayfarer Sail 2019-04-07 A quick sail round the estuary on an SYC race day to check that everything still works on the boat after a few months off the water. Out with one reef as the the weather forecast had a F6 in it. Wind was a bit gusty but not to F6 (at least until after we came off the water).
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Motor - drift - motor 2015-04-05 First time back on the water in the Wayfarer for a very long time. Absolutely no wind! So stuck the outboard on the back of the Wayfarer for the first time in umpteen years and, amazingly, it worked. Motored up to buoy 20 hoping to find some wind. Didn't. Drifted for 20 minutes. Motored back. Wind started up after we put the boat away.
Second Wayfarer sail of the year 2017-04-14 A short sail in the Wayfarer. Sail somewhat shortened as replacing the forestay with a new one took longer than expected - the mousing line was shorter than the mast so we ended up with no stay or mousing line in the mast! Light winds so we practiced some on water reefing.
Estuary sailing in the Wayfarer 2015-04-10 A near enough perfect spring breeze made for an ideal morning's sailing on the Exe Estuary. Maybe 12 to 14 knots of steady south to south easterly wind made for a great morning's sailing in the Wayfarer with Liz's brother Julian. Chose the right day to take off work for once! The average speed isn't too bad but reduced a little by having to sail back up the estuary against the tides.
First Wayfarer sail of 2017 2017-04-02 First time out in the Wayfarer this year. A very gentle sail and then a drift back down with the tide as the wind died away as forecast. Some noisy scroat was scaring up the birds in a hovercraft between the Clyst and the Goat Walk.
Shortest sail ever! 2014-08-09 Quite gusty winds on top of a F4. Liz didn't like it much so we came back after getting to buoy 27. Liz claims it is the early arrival of Hurricane Bertha...
Up river sail 2014-08-16 A very pleasant up river sail as far as Topsham Sailing Club. Between F2 and F4 in the estuary but died away to very little when going up the estuary. With the tide having turned, we didn't get much furtehr than TSC.
Out to sea dinghy cruise 2014-05-31 An SYC dinghy cruise out to sea that actually made it out to sea! It looked as though there would be no wind at all for quite a while but gentle F2 / F3 filled in for most of the time.
October beach cafe sail 2014-10-11 Good winds and big tides for a late season sail from SYC down to the beach cafe. Some excellent winds round the Warren and the Docks. Died away a little bit for the last mile back to SYC.
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