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Wooton Creek to Beaulieu River 2019-05-21

From Wooton Creek, past Cowes and Fawley and into the Beaulieu River.

We left Wooton Creek and sailed across the Solent to the Beaulieu River. We motored up the river past Bucklers Hard and towards the top of the navigable river. We then moored up at Buckers Hard marina (which we feared would be frighteningly expensive but was actually quite reasonable when compared with the Poole marina and given the excellent facilities).

Lunch and dinner at the Master Builders and a visit to the rather good Bucklers Hard museum.

Newtown Creek to Wooton Creek 2019-05-20

From Newtown Creek passing Cowes and on to Wooton Creek.

Another sail and motor, leaving Newtown Creek and sailing round the top of the Isle of Wight and passing Cowes. Then on to Wooton Creek and a gentle motor up to the top of the navigable part of Wooton Creek. We then moored up alongside a pontoon at the very friendly Royal Victoria Yacht Club.

Much of Wooton Creek dries at low water and in this case the pontoon we were moored to had a shallower "draft" then the yacht so it was quite a climb back on to the yacht at low water.

Falmouth, Trelissick and Mylor 2024-05-24 The plan had been to "nip round the corner" (i.e. past The Lizard) and then spend a night at Newlyn before heading off across the Celtic Sea to Cork, Ireland. However, after spending quite a while comparing several different forecasts from several different weather models, we reached the unwanted conclusion that we didn't have a good enough weather window to set off on the Saturday for the 30 hour(ish) passage. So in very still weather we motored up The Carrick Roads for lunch at anchor in Channals Creek (i.e. under Trelissick House). Then down to Mylor Yacht Haven were Thalmia is moored up until we spot a decent weather window to allow the "Ireland Trip" to continue. On the plus side, this gives time for a sail maker in Penryn to replace the damaged panel in Thalmia's spray hood.
Camel paddling 2023-09-14 A paddle into Padstow Harbour and then up Petherick Creek. The creek was interesting but not quite "Helford standard".
Helford Kayaking 2023-09-10 A lovely paddle on the Helford. Via FranchMan's Creek then up to Tremayne Quay for lunch (and a VHF message relay for a broken down dory). Then back via Port Navas.
Helford Paddling 2023-05-18 A quick dip into Frenchman's Creek and then up to near Tremayne Quay for a coffee stop. The first bit of the track is on land to measure the distance we dragged the kayak back up from Helford Passage to the campervan. Quite hard work but do-able. The kayak launching fee from Helford Passage was £2 which we thought was fair (and the more expensive ice cream was very nice too).
Helford Paddling 2021-07-02 A change to normal by putting the kayak in the water on the south side of the Helford Estuary (at Helford itself). Explored Frenchman's Creek and then up[ almost as far at Bishop's Quay (but ran out of water at neaps). Lunch at Tremayne Quay. Scooby really not keen on enhancing his swimming skills.
Carrick Roads and Restronguet Creek 2019-07-14 With the promised easterly being more like a southerly, there was a long enough fetch for some waves that weren't to Scooby's liking. So after lunch and some icecreams (which were to Scooby's liking) we diverted into Restronguet Creek for some quiet top-of-the-tide paddling past The Pandora and onto Point. Then back below the rather marvelous Tregunwith Farm campsite (£9 / night for 2 adults, 1 dog, 1 camper van, 1 car and a canoe) and back to Mylor Yacht Harbour.
Helford Creeks 2019-07-13 An early summer long weekend paddling on the Fal and the Helford. With the winds being from the north, we chose the Helford for the Saturday. Back to Frenchman's Creek but with a rising tide we were able to get right to the end of it. Lunch and some Scooby ball action at Tremayne Quay (and helping an old wooden sailing boat moor alongside) and then in to the strangely named Vallum Tremayne Creek for the first time.
Helford and Frenchmans Creek 2013-09-18 A walk along the Helford Estuary, back inland and then along Frenchmans Creek back to the village of Helford
Yarmouth to Newtown Creek 2019-05-19

From Yarmouth marina round to an anchorage in Newtown Creek.

We left Yarmouth Marina just after the Junior Offshore Group fleets left. We sailed for a bit in very light winds. The light winds gave us a chance to try out Derek's symmetric spinnaker for the first time. It flew! Albeit that the light winds meant that it didn't completely "fill". Then on to the splendid Newtown Creek for an overnight anchorage.

With a reputation for being very busy at the height of the summer, there we only three other boats in the anchorage we chose. Lots of fading memories triggered as I was last at Newtown Creek maybe 40 years ago when myself and three school friends sailed my parents' Wayfarer over from Christchurch Harbour - it's surprising looking back at it that our parents were so laid back about a bunch of 15-16 year olds doing this!

More creeks and kingfishers 2015-09-20 A paddle round the creeks of the Helford. More kingfishers today - in Frenchman's Creek. Lunch at Merthen Quay and then back via Polwheveral and Porthnavas creeks
Creeks and kingfishers 2015-09-19 First canoe trip of the 2015 summer holiday. From Mylor harbour, a little way up Restronguet creek up past the Pandora Inn, on to Looe Beach and then back via Mylor Creek. Had a kingfisher with us for quite a way up Mylor creek.
Sunday morning breakfast at Mylor 2014-09-14 A walk along Mylor Creek to Mylor Harbour for breakfast. Sat on the beach and watched some boats getting surprised by how windy it was.
The Helford and Frenchman's Creek 2014-09-08 From Helford Passage via Frenchman's Creek up into Mawgan Creek towards the top of the Helford Estuary. A little windy on the way back meant plenty of exercise!
Mylor to Flushing 2014-09-07 Mylor Harbour round to Flushing and then back up Mylor Creek. Top paddle! Very slight swell from SE winds when going along the shore before turning into the the Falmouth shelter.
Restronguet Creek and Pandora Inn 2013-09-19 A walk from Mylor Bridge to Restronguet Creek to the Pandora Inn. The Pandora Inn had burnt down since the last time we were here but has been sympathetically restored. Back along Mylor Creek to the Mylor Bridge
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