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Work cycle ride 2017-08-18 Into work and back
Tags: Work
Work cycle ride 2017-07-14 Would have been a bit faster if a) an idiot car driver hadn't driven slowly down the cycle path to the Turf Locks and then cut me up at the Turf and b) my chain hadn't come off the front cog just past the Turf. On the plus side, Little Mix weren't sound checking as I went past the concert ground at Powderham.
Tags: Exeter Work
Work cycle ride 2017-06-27 Into Exeter and back. A bit of a head wind on the way back.
Tags: Exeter Work
Work cycle ride 2017-08-29 Work and back
Work cycle ride 2017-06-16 Into work and back
Work cycle ride 2017-08-15 Work and back
Work cycle ride 2017-07-18 Into work and back - managed to avoid the rain. Felt faster than 14.5 mph average!
Tags: Exeter Work
Work cycle ride 2017-07-06 Fast for me - especially as it was on the old bike and with two heavy panniers.
Tags: Exeter Work
Work cycle ride 2017-06-30 Windy both ways but wind somewhat in favour on the way home
Tags: Exeter Work
Work cycle ride 2017-08-07 Got rained on
Work cycle ride 2017-08-01 Into Exeter and back
Work cycle ride 2017-05-23 Into work and back. Not much wind which made it a bit easier.
Bike ride to work 2014-03-14 Needed to go into work and wife needed the car for the mile trip into her work so hubby had a 20 mile round trip to work by bike. OK - so she did have to come home at lunchtime for Scooby hound but...
Work cycle ride 2017-09-06 Work cycle ride
Work cycle ride 2017-08-22 Windy on the way back - hard work. The wind was against and small white horses were starting to develop on the estuary. Not a good combination for the ride home.
Work cycle ride 2017-08-04 Into work and back
Work cycle ride 2017-07-28 Very windy (WindGuru said 25mph gusting 40) on the way back and wet. Wind was maybe 30 to 45 degrees off being dead on the nose so slightly easier than it might have been.
Work cycle ride 2017-06-23 In to Exeter and back. Stopped at SYC on the way back.
Cycle ride to work 2017-06-13 One of those "head wind in both directions" rides. Wind against on the way out and then a sea breeze against on the way back.
Work cycle ride 2017-05-12 Into and Exeter and back to work.
Work bike ride 2017-04-28 Into work and back.
Work cycle ride 2017-09-01 Into work and back
Work cycle ride 2017-07-25 Work and back
Work cycle ride 2017-06-20 Hot. Very hot.
Work cycle ride 2017-05-02 Cycle ride to work and back. Not that windy but the wind was against on the way to work and against on the way home!
Cycle ride to work 2017-04-25 First cycle ride to work in many years. Strong headwind on the way there (white horses on the estuary) but tail wind on the way back. Not easy though on the way back as I hadn't eaten in the 5 hours before ride. Need to plan that a bit better!
Lizzie cycle ride to work 2013-04-30 Cycle ride to the Exminster surgery
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