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Keyhaven to Yarmouth 2019-05-18

A sail up through Keyhaven marshes and then across to Yarmouth on the Isle Of Wight.

We weighed anchor and then followed the channel through Keyhaven marshes to the end of the navigable water at Keyhaven itself. Then it was a short leisurely sail across to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight.

Shortly after mooring up at the surprisingly unbusy Yarmouth Marina, everything changed as dozens of yachts from the Junior Offshore Group arrived (and ended up rafting up 4 deep).

Best food of the entire trip was at the Cucinaio restaurant - a sort of bouillabaisse like fish stew).

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Yarmouth to Newtown Creek 2019-05-19

From Yarmouth marina round to an anchorage in Newtown Creek.

We left Yarmouth Marina just after the Junior Offshore Group fleets left. We sailed for a bit in very light winds. The light winds gave us a chance to try out Derek's symmetric spinnaker for the first time. It flew! Albeit that the light winds meant that it didn't completely "fill". Then on to the splendid Newtown Creek for an overnight anchorage.

With a reputation for being very busy at the height of the summer, there we only three other boats in the anchorage we chose. Lots of fading memories triggered as I was last at Newtown Creek maybe 40 years ago when myself and three school friends sailed my parents' Wayfarer over from Christchurch Harbour - it's surprising looking back at it that our parents were so laid back about a bunch of 15-16 year olds doing this!

Tags: Yarmouth
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