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Along the estuary and Exeter canal 2012-03-12 To the Swing Bridge on Exeter canal and back again. A lovely day with the mist lifting as the day went on. Took lots of photos
Tags: Canal
Exeter and back 2014-07-07 Wild swans and some of the best cheesy chips ever!
Tags: Canal Exeter
To Exeter and back 2012-08-06 A ride along the estuary and canal into Exeter and back
Tags: Canal Exeter
Estuary and Exminster cycle ride 2012-07-15 A new journey as part of Lizs cycle training. Away from the canal at the Swans nest and then via Exminster
Start of Lizs bike training 2012-07-08 Along the estuary and canal to the swing bridges and back. The start of Lizs cycle training apparently
First bike ride of 2015 2015-01-04 Liz ride into Exeter and back
Bike ride to work 2014-03-14 Needed to go into work and wife needed the car for the mile trip into her work so hubby had a 20 mile round trip to work by bike. OK - so she did have to come home at lunchtime for Scooby hound but...
Swing bridges and back 2013-03-03 Along the estuary and canal to the swing bridges on the newly serviced bikes. Stopped for a cup of coffee at the Turf on the way back
First cycle ride in months 2016-10-10 First bike ride in a very long time. Only as far as the Countess Wear swing bridges over the Exeter Canal. Work is about half way through the 14 month schedule of work on the swing bridge / roads. As per the pictures, one of the bridges was open because of the work. The swing bridges are being retained but re-aligned during the work. The bridges have history - there's a plaque on them that reads "In May 1944, these bridges played an important part in the preparations for D-Day. They were used over a period of three days and nights, for rehearsals of the famous and crucial glider borne attack on the bridge over the Canal de Caen (Pegasus Bridge) and the River Orne (Horsa Bridge), by the Second Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, on the night 5/6 June 1944"
Liz and Jill go large 2013-06-14 Too much talking too much wind and too much carrot cake to make for a respectable average speed but not bad on the distance front. Next week the girls will be cycling to Exmouth and back apparently.
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