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Exeter and back 2018-03-31 Into a strong headwind on the way into Exeter but that made it almost a pleasure on the way home. Lots of bank holiday numpties on the cycle path with their badly behaved kids and dogs.
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Exeter and back 2018-04-07 Into Exeter and back with Liz
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Exeter and back 2018-05-12 Into Exeter and back with Liz.
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Work cycle ride 2017-07-14 Would have been a bit faster if a) an idiot car driver hadn't driven slowly down the cycle path to the Turf Locks and then cut me up at the Turf and b) my chain hadn't come off the front cog just past the Turf. On the plus side, Little Mix weren't sound checking as I went past the concert ground at Powderham.
Tags: Exeter Work
Exeter and back 2014-07-07 Wild swans and some of the best cheesy chips ever!
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Breakfast at Lutzys 2018-09-29 Into Exeter with Liz for breakfast at Lutzys on the Quay. Quite slow as it was Liz's first time back on the bike for about 6 weeks. Replacement saddle and grips on my bike were fine.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Lidls and SYC 2018-08-05 A trip into town with Liz to pick up some cheap tat at Lidls and then stopped for a coffee at SYC where the weather was perfect for the Kathleen/Buxton Belle Trophy races. But that did mean we were cycling back into a stiff sea breeze.
Tags: Exeter SYC
Windy Exeter ride 2018-01-01 A very breezy ride into Exeter with Liz. Hard work on the way out - easier on the way back. Exe was flooding so couldn't get all the way to the Mill on the Exe. Stopped at Lutzy's for coffee.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
To Exeter and back 2012-08-06 A ride along the estuary and canal into Exeter and back
Tags: Canal Exeter
Coffee at Lutzys 2018-07-16 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Sea breeze helped on the way in and died on the way back. Liz goes super speedy just past the Turf (23 mph along the flat).
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Work cycle ride 2017-07-18 Into work and back - managed to avoid the rain. Felt faster than 14.5 mph average!
Tags: Exeter Work
Bike ride to Exeter 2016-10-18 Start of a possible attempt to maybe get a little fitter. A twenty mile round trip ride into Exeter (Mill on the Exe area) and back again. The final climb back up Cockwood Hill nearly killed me.
Exeter and back 2018-06-10 Into Exeter and back with Liz with a stop at Lutzys for coffee. Liz's first time out on her bike for several weeks.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Work cycle ride 2017-07-06 Fast for me - especially as it was on the old bike and with two heavy panniers.
Tags: Exeter Work
Work cycle ride 2017-06-30 Windy both ways but wind somewhat in favour on the way home
Tags: Exeter Work
Ride to Exeter Quay and back 2013-10-07 Light winds on the way to the Quay and a head wind on the way back. New walking boots at Framers Friend. Wearing out the soles of walking boots every years must mean we are walking the dog too much.
Work cycle ride 2017-06-27 Into Exeter and back. A bit of a head wind on the way back.
Tags: Exeter Work
Exeter and back 2013-08-17 Into Exeter and back round Exminster gold course
Cycling into Brian 2017-10-21 In fact, Storm Brian was mostly a westerly and Liz and I were cycling mostly north / south so apart from the occasional big gust, it didn't make too much of a difference. The coffee and custard tart at Lutzys was very good!
Exeter and back 2017-10-07 Too windy for us to want to go sailing (F4 gusting F6) so Liz and I cycled into Exeter and back.
Into Exeter and back 2017-08-05 Too windy for sailing so we went cycling. Quite a big bit windy said Liz after her first time on the bike for quite a while.
Exeter and back 2017-07-16 It was going to be a longer ride round to Lympstone but it started raining and the wind got up. Still - first time ever with an average speed of over 15 mph! Would have been faster except for having to slow down so often for huge numbers of kids and walkers. They are also digging up the cycle path at Exe Bridges which meant walking round various diversions and not getting the full 20 miles in.
Exeter and back - quite fast 2017-02-18 A very fast (for me) ride out to Exeter (averaged 16.2mph - would have been faster but for the hordes of pedestrians on the last couple of miles) and a somewhat slower ride back into quite a strong head wind. Stopped briefly at SYC to watch the dinghy instructor pre-prep course. Fastest overall average I've managed on the 20 miles "Exeter and back" ride. First time averaging over 14 mph!
First bike ride of 2015 2015-01-04 Liz ride into Exeter and back
To the canoe shop 2018-08-20 Into Exeter to buy a replacement kick stand for the canoe trolley
Exeter 2018-05-18 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Coffee at Lutzys and then a fairly strong breeze to contend with on the way back.
Exeter and back 2017-08-26 Into Exeter and back. On the posh bike but far too many blind and deaf walkers, kids and doggies on the paths to be able to go too fast.
Kayak shopping 2018-07-22 Into Exeter with Liz to AWS Watersports looking for a sit on top kayak to complement our canadian canoe! Hot.
Exeter and back 2017-12-23 Into Exeter and back with Liz
Work cycle ride 2017-09-06 Work cycle ride
Work cycle ride 2017-06-23 In to Exeter and back. Stopped at SYC on the way back.
Work cycle ride 2017-05-12 Into and Exeter and back to work.
Exeter and back 2017-04-17 In to Exeter on the Marin bike. Stopped at SYC on the way back to watch Liz and Nigel on the safety boat. About the same strength and direction wind as yesterday so it seems that the posh bike makes me about 1.5 mph faster.
Exeter and back 2017-02-21 Another "fast for me" ride into Exeter and back. Fast - as in more than 14mph average. There was a sod of a headwind on the way out so made up time on the way back (although I could swear that the wind changed direction just as a I started back from Exeter).
Exeter and back 2016-11-26 Another twenty miler into Exeter and back.
Hundred miles this week 2016-10-22 The fifth 20 miler of the week. I'd expected this to be a gentle cycle ride with Liz but she was all gung ho! Way faster than I was expecting and I wasn't allowed my usual stopping places to have a breather. This was the fifth day out in a row doing 20 miles meaning that the target of doing 100 miles in a week was reached with 2 days to spare.Day off tomorrow!
Exeter and back 2018-04-23 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Stopped for a coffee at Lutzy's. Watched the dredger deepening the channel out from the Turf Locks.
Exeter and back 2017-12-04 A ride into Exeter and back with Liz
Bike ride into Exeter 2017-07-02 A leisurely bike ride into Exeter with Liz. Liz's first time on the bike in a while. Combine that with hundreds of ISCA Academy 10 year olds vying to see which one of them could throw themselves under Liz's front wheel first, and the average speed makes more sense. Stopped at SYC on the way back.
Another twenty miler 2016-11-20 Well almost a twenty miler. The 2 inch rain fall in Exeter meant that the last part of the cycle path ride was under water. Hard work cycling in to the head wind that was the remnants of Storm Angus. Disappointing that the winds dropped away for the homeward leg - as shown by the drifting boats when stopping briefly at SYC.
Another twenty miles 2016-10-26 Out with Liz for another cycle ride into Exeter and back. Trying to "power" up the bridge at Powderham, I broke 3 spokes on the rear wheel. So the last 2.5 miles are Liz alone as she went home to get the car to rescue me and the broken bike. That means the "reserve" bike tomorrow - the almost unridden Ridgeback Genesis Day Two.
Into Exeter 2018-07-01 Into Exeter with Liz to buy some excellent value £19.99 binoculars from Lidls
Exeter and back 2018-02-12 A gentle cycle ride into Exeter with Liz. First time on the bike in nearly two weeks due to a winter lurgie that refused to go. Still not 100% right yet! Lutzys was still closed.
Into Exeter 2018-01-06 Into the centre of Exeter to pick up Li'z phone after a repair because it got dunked in "a bowl of water". Excellent service from IT Mobile in Gandy Street.
2017 miles cycled in 2017 2017-12-02 This track reaches my target of cycling 2017 miles in 2017! Was meant to be a gentle ride to Lutzys for lunch but a torn wall on the side of Liz's tyre meant that we had to abandon and get a new tyre. Then into Exeter Quay a little later reaching the 2017 mile mark somewhere near the Turf Locks.
Work cycle ride 2017-08-01 Into Exeter and back
Work cycle ride 2017-05-23 Into work and back. Not much wind which made it a bit easier.
Bike ride to work 2014-03-14 Needed to go into work and wife needed the car for the mile trip into her work so hubby had a 20 mile round trip to work by bike. OK - so she did have to come home at lunchtime for Scooby hound but...
Car buying bike ride - part 2 2013-04-22 Back into Exeter to buy a replacement car after our Citroen Xsara estate died after just 77k miles.
Exeter and back 2017-03-04 A gentle wide into Exeter and back with Liz.
Xmas eve ride 2016-12-24 Into Exeter and back. First solo ride for a couple of week and the slightly higher speeds made it hard work!
Exeter and back 2016-12-03 A windy ride into Exeter and back, Liz still in post lurgie mode.
Exeter and back 2017-06-12 Quite hard work as I hadn't been on the bike for the last three weeks and there was a bit of a head wind on the way out.
Exeter and back 2017-02-27 A gentle ride into Exeter and back. A mixture of sunshine and showers but at least the wind was from the side. Most impressively, Liz managed to come off her bike but still remain standing at the end of the manoeuvre!
Exeter and back 2016-11-28 A windy ride into Exeter and back. Luckily the wind (F5 to F7 on Met Office forecast) was mostly on the side,
Another twenty miles 2016-10-19 Another ride into Exeter and back. Hard work!
Exeter and back 2017-01-21 Cold days cycle ride into Exeter and back. Just above freezing. Very gentle ride with Liz - reflected in the somewhat slower than usual average speed.
Exeter and back 2016-12-17 First ride in a fortnight - work and the weather put paid to the previous weekend.
Lutzys cafe 2017-11-11 A cycle ride into Exeter and back with Liz. Stopped at Lutzy's Cafe for the rather nice custard tarts and some coffee.
Exeter and back 2017-03-10 Into Exeter and back. Average speed not too bad given that there was quite a strong headwind on the way back.
Exeter and back 2017-02-06 Super fast on the way out. A bit slower on the way back. The last five miles were into a fairly strong headwind right on the nose. That and pouring rain and the cold put a slight damper on the last quarter!
Exeter and back 2016-12-05 To the Mill On The Exe and back
Exeter and back 2016-11-27 Liz's first time back on the bike at the tail end of a two week lurgy.
Exeter and back 2018-01-20 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Picked up some free tide timetables from the very nice people at Bridger Marine on the Quay.
Exeter and back 2017-04-24 A fairly gentle ride into Exeter and back. Had the Marin loaded up with a pannier and computer bag as though I was going to cycle into work. After a bit of adjustment it all seemed to work ok.
Exeter and back 2017-04-16 Into Exeter and back. A fair old head wind on the way out but speedy on the way back. Not a bad average for me given that I'm still not fully over the lurgie I've had for the last couple of weeks.
Exeter and back 2017-04-14 Wanted a nice gentle ride as it was the first time back on the bike in three weeks - a camper van trip and a slow to end lurgie having got in the way. And a nice gentle ride with Liz it was.
Exeter and back 2016-11-19 Another 20 mile ride into Exeter and back. First ever average of 13 mph on a twenty mile ride. Storm Angus had left the flood prevention overflows in full spate in Exeter.
Another twenty miles 2016-10-20 Third day in a row of cycling into Exeter and back. Every day is getting harder - surely that's not right! A couple of "reading breaks" on the way back.
Exeter and back 2018-02-16 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Straight into a headwind on the way home.
Exeter and back 2018-01-29 Into Exeter and back with Liz to do a bit of shopping. Bit windy and had to walk past the people putting up a new fence along the railway along the estuary. There was a new cruise boat - The Spirit Of Loch Ness - in the Turf Lock. Not seen her before.
Exeter and back 2017-12-09 Into Exeter and back. Just got bike back from a big service by Jon S. Combination of a freshly serviced bike and not much wind made the moving average a bit better than some other recent rides.
Xmas day bike ride 2016-12-25 A ride with Liz into Exeter and back. Lots of kids on the cycle path with shiny new Xmas present bikes.
Marsh Barton 2017-12-22 Into Marsh Barton and Bakers Yard for some army Surplus and Brooks Basics shopping. Then on to Lutzy's for a coffee and pastry on the Quay.
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