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Darting about in light winds 2014-07-21 Down river and out to sea (a little bit) on Nigel's Dart. Light, and sometimes non-existent, winds suggested that venturing too far on an outgoing tide might be a problem. Interesting tacking back up the estuary against the ebb tide - couldn't do that in the Wayfarer.
Out to sea to avoid the World Cup 2010-06-27 Im not a great footie fan. In fact even though the Wayfarer had somewhat of a leak a solo sail to off Dawlish seemed like the best way of avoiding the match Unsurprisingly the 7.7 knots max boat speed was just off the Warren
Sail on Nigel's Dart 2014-07-14 Beach cafe and just a bit beyond on Nigel's Dart 18. A day of lulls and gusts. A max speed of 14.6 knots is just a bit faster than I'm used to with my Wayfarer
Liz's first safety boat drive 2018-08-25 Liz's first safety boat drive since getting her "Power Boat 2" training. An out to sea dinghy cruise - out as far as the fairway buoy anyway.
Sail on Nigel's Dart 2014-08-18 A decent wind (gusting maybe F5) for a storming sail on Nigel's Dart. Some excellent speeds with a top speed of over 17 knots - probably the fastest I've been under sail. Top stuff
Out to sea dinghy cruise 2014-05-31 An SYC dinghy cruise out to sea that actually made it out to sea! It looked as though there would be no wind at all for quite a while but gentle F2 / F3 filled in for most of the time.
Out to sea dinghy cruise 2012-09-01 Safety boat duty on an out to sea cruise. Big tides and light winds.
Dawlish Air Show Dinghy Cruise 2014-08-23 "Officer of the day" and safety boat duty on an out to sea dinghy cruise that coincided with the Dawlish Air Show. A few dramas a long the way but saw the Red Arrows and, later, the battle of Britain memorial flight (including two Lancasters, a Spitfire and a Hurricane).
SYC to Cockwood harbour 2020-06-01 A lovely sunny summer's afternoon. Paddled down to Cockwood against the light wind and small tide and then had a "free ride" back with the tide and wind.
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Topsham paddling 2020-05-25 After dropping off Derek H's tender on his mooring we headed up towards Topsham in the new kayak. We passed Derek coming down in his Fulmar - having just launched from Topsham Quay.
Paddle down to Starcross 2020-06-16 The plan had been to paddle up past Topsham on the rising tide but the wind was a little strong to want to paddle back against it (and the tides were small). So it was a short paddle down to Starcross and the a float back with the wind and the tide.
Return to the Exe 2020-05-15 First time back on the Exe Estuary after many, many months. First trip out on our new inflatable kayak - a Sea Eagle 465 FastTrack. Overall - very pleased with it.
Topsham Paddling 2020-07-11 Up to the motorway bridge in the Sea Eagle kayak. A bit of exercise on the way back paddling against the sea breeze that came in
Push The Boat Out at SYC 2014-05-26 SYC's "Push The Boat Out" day to offer people a taster of dinghy sailing. A very successful day - about 70 people got to try sailing and the winds were an ideal F2 to F3. Liz got to try helming a Topper on dry land!
Pole Sands Paddling 2020-06-23 Down to the Pole Sands around a low tide. Back with the wind and the tide. Lovely.
Dawlish Warren Kayaking 2020-05-20 First time down to Dawlish Warren in the new Sea Eagle kayak. Lovely day - there was plenty of mist that came and went but that didn't detract from it. Good test for the new kayak and I'm very pleased with it. Less pleased that the GPS ran out of battery on the way back. Whoops.
Day sail instead of Newport Trophy 2012-06-23 A breezy sail into a southerly F5 wind while taking advantage of a gap between the high winds. Tried out sailing with a sea anchor for the first time. A slightly nervous wait for the tide to rise enough to get back in to the Exe while hoping that a forecast force 8 would only come in later as per the forecast.
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