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St Helier to St Quay Portrieux 2017-05-31 After a light wind start, a lovely sail down from St Helier, Jersey to St Quay Portrieux on the Brittany coast. Sailed under cruising chute for most of the way. St Quay has the huge advantage of being an "all tide" port (i.e. no need to wait for there to be enough water over a marina cill).
St Quay to Ile De Brehat 2017-06-02 Up from St Quay-Portreaux to Ile de Brehat. The Ile de Brehat is a small island on a rocky shore. Somewhat similar to Sark (no cars and a very small population like Sark but no cliffs).
Ride to Exeter Quay and back 2013-10-07 Light winds on the way to the Quay and a head wind on the way back. New walking boots at Framers Friend. Wearing out the soles of walking boots every years must mean we are walking the dog too much.
Up river sail 2014-08-16 A very pleasant up river sail as far as Topsham Sailing Club. Between F2 and F4 in the estuary but died away to very little when going up the estuary. With the tide having turned, we didn't get much furtehr than TSC.
Malpas and St Clement 2015-09-21 A shortish walk round Malpas and St Clement. Found a good canoe launching slipway just south of Truro at Sunny Corner Quay. Seafood platter for lunch at The Heron in Malpas was good.
Sunny Corner Quay and the Tresillian River 2015-09-23 From the small Sunny Corner Quay on the edge of Truro round to the Tresillian River on the Fal Estuary. Not too far today as there was a keen wind to be paddled against on the way back down the Tresillian.
Hartland Quay 2017-09-20 A short walk to dinner from Stoke Barton Campsite on Hartland Point. Hartland Point is a scary place if you think about sailing near it in the wind or fog and the granite "teeth" of the rocks only enhance this. The Hartland Quay Hotel was a really nice pub doing good food.
2017 miles cycled in 2017 2017-12-02 This track reaches my target of cycling 2017 miles in 2017! Was meant to be a gentle ride to Lutzys for lunch but a torn wall on the side of Liz's tyre meant that we had to abandon and get a new tyre. Then into Exeter Quay a little later reaching the 2017 mile mark somewhere near the Turf Locks.
St Davids and back 2018-11-05 Into Exeter St Davids with Liz to pick up some train tickets. Coffee on the Quay on the way back (where police divers were searching the river for a missing person).
Tags: Quay
Exeter and back 2019-01-12 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Coffee at Bar Venezia and then some birthday shopping at the quay cellars.
Tags: Quay
Topsham cycle ride 2020-03-09 Round to Darts Farm. Stopped at Topsham Quay to see who was working on their boat and for coffee and a hot cross bun.
Boat fettling in Topsham 2020-03-16 Round to Topsham to help Derek H put sails and stuff back on his boat after the winter. Derek went up the mast - far braver than me.
Launching Thalmia 2021-03-30 With Derek H as his Fulmar was launched from Topsham Quay on the highest tides of the year. A lovely day so on out to sea. A bit of wind for some sailing. Lunch anchored at Sandy Bay where a couple of small dolphins came out to play. Then some drifting waiting for enough rise of tide to come back in. Plenty of sand / mud bank changes over the winter. The port hand buoys in the swashway had breakign waves. The clearance coming up to buoy 3 was just 30 centimetres below the keel. Then nudged sand banks at buoy 21 and just before SYC
Thalmia launch 2022-04-02 Helping with the launch of Derek H's Thalmia from Topsham Quay.
Helford Paddling 2023-05-18 A quick dip into Frenchman's Creek and then up to near Tremayne Quay for a coffee stop. The first bit of the track is on land to measure the distance we dragged the kayak back up from Helford Passage to the campervan. Quite hard work but do-able. The kayak launching fee from Helford Passage was £2 which we thought was fair (and the more expensive ice cream was very nice too).
Helford Kayaking 2023-09-10 A lovely paddle on the Helford. Via FranchMan's Creek then up to Tremayne Quay for lunch (and a VHF message relay for a broken down dory). Then back via Port Navas.
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