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Sunny Corner Quay and the Tresillian River 2015-09-23 From the small Sunny Corner Quay on the edge of Truro round to the Tresillian River on the Fal Estuary. Not too far today as there was a keen wind to be paddled against on the way back down the Tresillian.
A Wednesday evening sail in dying winds 2012-05-16 A quick evening sail as the winds dropped away on a Wednesday evening
Tags: Up river
Meandering on Exe Estuary 2012-09-09 Some gusts but mostly lulls on short Wayfarer sail
Up river and back 2012-05-13 Up river to the buoy 24 and back on a fine Spring day with about a F4 sea breeze
Tags: Up river
Cockwood to the Turf and back 2014-07-20 From Cockwood Harbour to SYC and then on to the Turf, Then back again via Bull Hill Bank so Scooby could have a bit of a run about.
Up river cruise to Goat Walk 2012-05-19 An up river dinghy cruise from SYC to the Goat Walk. Light winds on the way back. About 15 boats out.
Up river to the Goat Walk 2012-04-28 A trip up river to the Goat Walk before the weekend gales came in
River Exe Cafe 2018-04-08 Birthday treat at the River Exe Cafe
Up tide and up wind paddle 2014-06-19 A paddle against the wind and the tide towards the Turf. I would claim we had a reason for such foolery! Much quicker on the way back. Scooby's first canoe session of 2014.
Evening up river dinghy cruise 2014-06-12 A lovely evening's sail up to the Goat Walk at Topsham. Sun and a decent wind (which only died as the last couple of boats arrived back). We had a brief detour a little way down the Clyst taking advantage of the high tide.
Beaulieu River to Lymington 2019-05-22

A short sail round from Bucklers Hard on the Beaulieu River to the Town Quay at Lymington.

We left the peace and tranquility of the Beaulieu River and after a short sail reached the yachting mega-centre that is Lymington. Because we were so early in the sailing season we were able to tie up at Lymington Town Quay without rafting. Derek's brother and family were keen to try some sailing on his yacht so he took them out for a sail towards Yarmouth. Then a very pleasant dinner at Stanwell House Hotel.

Up river - twice 2014-08-31 A lovely sunny day. Wayfarer sail up river and then up river again. Winds got a bit light going up the Exe towards Topsham and the Clyst so just sailed round and round.
First SYC dinghy cruise of 2015 2015-04-25 An upriver dinghy cruise to start the 2015 season of SYC organised dinghy cruises. Pleasant wind - maybe F3
Up river sail 2014-08-16 A very pleasant up river sail as far as Topsham Sailing Club. Between F2 and F4 in the estuary but died away to very little when going up the estuary. With the tide having turned, we didn't get much furtehr than TSC.
Up river to Topsham Quay and back 2014-04-19 Second sail of the season up the Exe as far as Topsham Quay (where the winds got a little too light and fickle to go much further). A high tide sail so straight over "Greenland" on the way up.
Up river to the Turf 2013-04-28 Only the 2nd dinghy sail of the year. Up river as far as the Turf in a nice gentle breeze
Wooton Creek to Beaulieu River 2019-05-21

From Wooton Creek, past Cowes and Fawley and into the Beaulieu River.

We left Wooton Creek and sailed across the Solent to the Beaulieu River. We motored up the river past Bucklers Hard and towards the top of the navigable river. We then moored up at Buckers Hard marina (which we feared would be frighteningly expensive but was actually quite reasonable when compared with the Poole marina and given the excellent facilities).

Lunch and dinner at the Master Builders and a visit to the rather good Bucklers Hard museum.

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