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Dartmoor walk 2016-06-05 Because Scooby gave me such a nice welcome after being away for a week sailing (me - not Scooby), we took him for a walk on Dartmoor. Up high on the moor near the Warren House inn. A lovely short walk on Dartmoor.
Doddiscombsleigh - without going to the Nobody Inn 2015-09-06 A sunny Sunday walk round the hills surrounding Doddiscombsleigh. The suggested footpath half way round didn't look right so we ended up doing most of the walk on quiet country lanes.
Dawlish - Bank Holiday Monday 2016-03-28 Dawlish in the rain and hail on Easter Bank Holiday Monday! A first test of the Edge 500 after finally managing to reset it. The device had stopped recording and factory resets didnt help. Finally found something called a AutoLocate reset (Lap + Start + Power as a reminder for when in happens again). Looks as though the elevation recording still needs re-calibrating! Most of the photos are from a Warren walk in the morning (when the tide was in and the sun shining) rather than the afternoon walk (when the tide was out and it was raining).
Dawlish Warren doggie walk 2014-03-01 Went to have a look at the work being done to fix the Dawlish railway line but the miserable gits had blocked all access. So Scooby had a low tide walk along Dawlish Warren and we looked at all the damage done to the Warren and groynes by the recent sorms
Scooby walk at Dawlish Warren 2012-06-24 A low tide walk along Dawlish Warren with the hound.
Lizzie bike ride 2014-07-05 A379 and to the Warren
Mylor to the Pandora Inn - Falmouth 2010-09-26 From Mylor to the Pandora Inn and on to Feock. The Pandora Inn sadly burned down but has now been re-built. Well be back for more fish platters and cheesy chips
Dawlish and back 2017-05-13 Into Dawlish with Liz to pick up some train tickets. Stopped for an ice cream at Dawlish arren.
Lizzie bike ride 2014-07-04 First time back on the bike in ages for Lizzie
First beach cafe sail of 2015 2015-04-19 A down river sail from SYC to the Exmouth beach cafe. Strange winds - a bit of everything. Off Cockwood the NE wind met a sea breeze and shifted 180 degrees! It did this on both the way down and the way back. Coming back to the Club the wind got a bit lively for the last 5 minutes of the sail.
Helford River 2018-09-06 A short walk down to one of our favourite canoeing spots on the Helford - without a canoe this time. This is where Scooby previously learnt to swim just for the fun of it so Liz was keen to take him back for another paddle.
Tregunwith to Pandora Inn 2016-07-10 From Tregunwith Farm Campsite to the Pandora Inn on Restronguet Creek for dinner. Two pints of Rattler helped out on the walk back up the hill from the Pandora.
Lympstone and back 2016-12-19 Round to Lympstone for a very nice and rather spicy tomato soup in the Swan Inn. This ride takes me just over 500 miles since I started this regular cycling stuff back in mid October.
Dinner at The Pandora 2015-09-22 Lovely fish pie dinner at the "Pan". After a nine mile walk earlier in the day, the drag back up the hill from The Pandora after dinner was just what Lizzie wanted!
Dawlish Warren dog walk 2012-02-26 Along the beach at Dawlish Warren at low tide
Dinner at the Pandorra 2018-07-06 Walking the hound from Tregunwith to the Pandorra Inn. At Tregunwith Farm with the camper van - great location, friendly owners, relaxed atmosphere and great prices. Don't tell anyone else!
Mylor Bridge to the Pandora 2014-09-06 Lovely dinner at the Pandora Inn - first of the holiday. The 1 in 4 hill on the way back was a bit of an ask when full of Cornish Ratler and Gurnard (or Guiness and Mackerel in Lizzie's case)
Exeter cycle ride 2019-03-17 Into Exeter with Liz. First day in a week that the winds weren't above force 6! Still windy though so hard work on the way in and Mrs Lutzy's was full! Stopped at Dawlish Warren bike cafe to get the gears on Liz's bike "fine tuned". Met up with Dr John.
Pandora anniversary dinner 2015-09-12 Sixteenth anniversary dinner at the Pandora Inn on the Fal. Only a day late but it was raining yesterday. Lovely food and the Rattler was good too. Sod of a hill on the way "home" when full of food and drink.
Canoe round the Pole Sands 2017-10-08 A paddle round the Pole Sands. Not enough wind to go sailing so we decided to take the hound for a paddle round the Pole Sands. With a 4.2m springs tide, there was a lot of water sluicing out past Exmouth Docks. However, as we were quite early there wasn't much Pole Sands.So we turned right and took the hound to groyne 9 on Dawlish Warren for a bit. Then out to the Pole Sands and "Islandia".
New cycle cafe 2017-09-30 Down to Dawlish Warren with Liz to have a look round Join S's new cycle shop and cafe. Then up to the Swing Bridges and back again.
Man overboard practise 2017-05-21 Out to sea off Dawlish Warren to practice man overboard drill. The MOB (a pick up buoy with some chain attached) survived!
Cold November bike ride 2013-11-19 To A379 and back via Dawlish Warren (and some shopping)
Anniversary dinner at the Pandora Inn 2014-09-11 After the 6.5 miles yomp round St Anthony Head, another mile and half to the Pandora Inn for our anniversary dinner. Fifteen years married, 21 years together and 30 years since we met. Less for murder as they say (and Liz never reads this blog - I think)!
Commodores Cruise 2013-07-06 Strawberries and cream at the Warren. Glorious weather. Liz doing safety boat driving.
New push bike 2019-02-02 Bought a Triban RC520 road bike and this was the first time out on it. Went with Liz to Dawlish Warren and then into a strong head wind into Exeter for coffee and a custard tart at Mrs Lutzys
Commodore's Cruise 2014-07-12 Strawberries and cream on the Warren
Creeks and kingfishers 2015-09-19 First canoe trip of the 2015 summer holiday. From Mylor harbour, a little way up Restronguet creek up past the Pandora Inn, on to Looe Beach and then back via Mylor Creek. Had a kingfisher with us for quite a way up Mylor creek.
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