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St Davids and back 2018-11-05 Into Exeter St Davids with Liz to pick up some train tickets. Coffee on the Quay on the way back (where police divers were searching the river for a missing person).
To St Davids and back 2016-10-27 Slightly longer cycle ride today to make up for doing the last 2.5 miles yesterday by car (due to having broken three spokes on the rear wheel). So it was on the "spare bike" today which I hadn't ridden in about a decade. That's a Ridgeback Genesis Day 2. I stopped riding it as the estuary path used to be too rough for it. With the new cycle way its an ideal bike. At maybe a couple of stone lighter than the normal bike (with its panniers etc) and with no breeze at all, it felt like cheating. Keeping up with Liz was much easier than the last couple of time!
Lizzie bike ride 2014-05-16 First ride ride for Lizzie for some time after a period off due to lurgies.
Exeter cycle ride 2019-05-11 Into Exeter with Liz. Stopped at Lutzys and SYC on the way back.
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First bike ride of 2019 2019-01-06 Into Exeter and back with Liz. First bike ride of 2019 and the first bike ride after an unpleasant Xmas lurgie.
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Exeter and back 2018-12-16 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Mrs Lutzys was shut so we stopped at SYC for a coffee on the way back. Rainy!
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Exeter and back 2018-11-03 Into Exeter for breakfast at Lutzys. Strong headwind on the way home.
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Exeter cycle ride 2019-04-19 Bank holiday cycle ride into Exeter. Roughly two billion badly behaved children and dog owners on the path.
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Into Exeter and back 2019-01-28 Into Exeter with Liz. Wind assisted on the way back so a few short "sprints".
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Picking up the Tribby 2019-04-12 Liz cycle ride into Exeter to pick up the Tribby campervan after its annual service
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Exeter cycle ride 2019-03-26 Into Exeter for the last bits and pieces for Liz's pallet based compost bins project.
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Exeter and back 2018-03-31 Into a strong headwind on the way into Exeter but that made it almost a pleasure on the way home. Lots of bank holiday numpties on the cycle path with their badly behaved kids and dogs.
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Exeter bike ride 2019-03-31 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Bit of a head wind on the way in. Angry caravanner on the way back.
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Exeter and back 2018-04-07 Into Exeter and back with Liz
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St Mawes - Falmouth 2010-09-29 From St Mawes up to where it starts to get muddy and then back towards the Fal estuary
Exeter cycle ride 2019-05-05 Into Exeter with Liz who didn't appreciate either the wind against us both ways or Mrs Lutzy's being full again.
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Exeter cycle ride 2019-04-20 Into Exeter on a hot Easter Saturday.
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Exeter and back 2019-02-23 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Mrs Lutzy's too busy to get a table for coffee!!!
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Ride into Exeter 2018-12-10 A cycle ride with Liz into Exeter. Mrs Lutzy's was closed so we had another cool coffee on the other side of the quay. On posh bike and no wind so an easy ride.
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Exeter and back 2018-05-12 Into Exeter and back with Liz.
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CI & France 2015 - St Malo to Guernsey 2015-05-28 A sail back from St Malo to Guernsey. Quite a hard sail as there were some short steepish waves that slowed the boat speed considerably for quite a time. The wind was also from the north meaning that we were "pinching" for quite a lot of the time. As we passed Jersey the wind picked up and freed a little making for an excellent 2nd half of the sail into St Peter Port on Guernsey
Exeter and back 2018-11-24 Into Exeter and back with Liz. First bike ride after a couple of weeks in India for work. From 30 degrees plus each day down to a couple of degrees and rain was a bit of a shock to the system. Stopped at Screwfix for house bits and Lutzys for coffee and a cup cake.
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Coffee at Lutzys 2018-07-16 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Sea breeze helped on the way in and died on the way back. Liz goes super speedy just past the Turf (23 mph along the flat).
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Work cycle ride 2017-07-18 Into work and back - managed to avoid the rain. Felt faster than 14.5 mph average!
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Exeter ride 2019-03-23 Into Exeter with Liz for lunch at Mrs Lutzy's. A rather slow ride as Liz had a bad knee and was really only riding with one leg. I'm assuming if she'd had two legs available we'd have averaged 18 mph...
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Into Exeter and back 2018-12-01 A ride with Liz into Exeter for coffee and tarts at Lutzy's.
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Exeter and back 2018-10-27 Into Exeter with Liz for coffee at Lutzys. Windy on the way out - about a F5 (enough get the dinghy cruise planned for the afternoon to be cancelled)
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Work cycle ride 2017-07-14 Would have been a bit faster if a) an idiot car driver hadn't driven slowly down the cycle path to the Turf Locks and then cut me up at the Turf and b) my chain hadn't come off the front cog just past the Turf. On the plus side, Little Mix weren't sound checking as I went past the concert ground at Powderham.
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Exeter and back 2014-07-07 Wild swans and some of the best cheesy chips ever!
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Bike ride to Exeter 2016-10-18 Start of a possible attempt to maybe get a little fitter. A twenty mile round trip ride into Exeter (Mill on the Exe area) and back again. The final climb back up Cockwood Hill nearly killed me.
Exeter and back 2019-02-04 Into Exeter and back. Headwind on the way in.
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Breakfast at Lutzys 2018-09-29 Into Exeter with Liz for breakfast at Lutzys on the Quay. Quite slow as it was Liz's first time back on the bike for about 6 weeks. Replacement saddle and grips on my bike were fine.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Lidls and SYC 2018-08-05 A trip into town with Liz to pick up some cheap tat at Lidls and then stopped for a coffee at SYC where the weather was perfect for the Kathleen/Buxton Belle Trophy races. But that did mean we were cycling back into a stiff sea breeze.
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Windy Exeter ride 2018-01-01 A very breezy ride into Exeter with Liz. Hard work on the way out - easier on the way back. Exe was flooding so couldn't get all the way to the Mill on the Exe. Stopped at Lutzy's for coffee.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
To Exeter and back 2012-08-06 A ride along the estuary and canal into Exeter and back
Tags: Canal Exeter
Cape Cornwall and Cornish mining 2013-04-08 Cape Cornwall is where the tides divide between the English Channel and the Bristol Channel. Apparently. The post industrial Cornish mining landscape has been the subject of thousands of photographs but is still very impressive if somewhat melancholy.
Rock 2019-04-24 Back to Rock (opposite Padstow) for a slightly soggy walk along to the mouth of the Camel Estuary. Visited St Endoc Church - the last resting place of John Betjeman - and considered his lifetime's regret! Expensive lunch in the cafe above Rock Beach lifeboat station!
2011 Channel Islands trip - Brixham to St Peter Port 2011-06-01 From Brixham marina across to St Peter Port Guernsey. Across the traffic separation scheme and down the Little Russel arriving at St Peter Port at about 2300
Breakfast at Lutzys 2018-10-20 Into Exeter with Liz for breakfast at Lutzys
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Exeter and back 2018-06-10 Into Exeter and back with Liz with a stop at Lutzys for coffee. Liz's first time out on her bike for several weeks.
Tags: Exeter Lutzys
Work cycle ride 2017-07-06 Fast for me - especially as it was on the old bike and with two heavy panniers.
Tags: Exeter Work
Work cycle ride 2017-06-30 Windy both ways but wind somewhat in favour on the way home
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Ride to Exeter Quay and back 2013-10-07 Light winds on the way to the Quay and a head wind on the way back. New walking boots at Framers Friend. Wearing out the soles of walking boots every years must mean we are walking the dog too much.
St Anthonys Head 2015-09-12 Liz's second favourite walk. Around St Anthony's Head on the east side of the Fal Estuary. Scooby enjoyed himself immensely but had to be reduced to "two paw drive" when passing a herd of cows on the cliff edge,
St Helier to St Quay Portrieux 2017-05-31 After a light wind start, a lovely sail down from St Helier, Jersey to St Quay Portrieux on the Brittany coast. Sailed under cruising chute for most of the way. St Quay has the huge advantage of being an "all tide" port (i.e. no need to wait for there to be enough water over a marina cill).
Poole to Weymouth 2016-11-13 Sailing Derek H's new boat back towards the Exe. Stage 2 of the journey from Poole to Weymouth. The boat is a rather nice Westerley Fulmar. Fairly large tides so we took the offshore route around the overfalls at St Albans Head.
In St Peter Port 2016-06-03 After the previous day's exertions, this was a "rest day" in St Peter Port ahead of the next day's early set off back to the UK. Did the one-pound-round-the-island bus trip and got off at the south west corner to have another look at the fearsome rocks near Les Hanois light house. Dinner at The Boathouse - top fish soup.
St Just to Lands End 2013-04-07 An excellent walk from St Just to Lands End. Lands End was just as tacky as I remember it from many years ago and the cost of 2 singles and a dog on the 300 bus service back to St Just was just breath taking. But top walk overall. Gwenver Beach which is a short walk from Sennen Cove makes it into Scoobys top 3 beaches list
St Peter Port to St Helier 2018-05-27 A really good sail from St Peter Port on Guernsey across to St Helier on Jersey. Along the south coast of Jersey where the usual past times of spotting the German 2nd World War defences and avoiding the Condor fast ferries passed the time nicely.
St Peter Port to St Helier 2017-05-30 A lovely sail from St Peter Port on Guernsey across to St Helier on Jersey. Ideal winds and weather.
St Peter Port to SYC 2017-06-04 A very fast sail back from St Peter Port, Guernsey to SYC on the Exe. For most of the way the wind was quite strong - maybe a force 5 - but was on the port rear quarter. This meant that most of the sail was done with just a small amount of reefing and lots of sailing down the following waves. Long and tiring - but fun! The speed meant that we were unexpectedly back at the Exe before low water so we were able to sneak in and be back on the mooring at SYC just before it got dark.
Treguier to St Peter Port 2016-06-02 A long, hard "slog" back from Treguier to St Peter Port. The trip started with some wind against tide coming back down the river/estuary from Treguier to the sea. After this, the progress past Ile de Brehat was, as expected, very slow as we fought the now Spring tides (needs must to make the Guernsey tidal gates). The plan had been to again go between the Plateau des Roches-Dovres and the the Plateau de Barnouic. However, as we got close another look at the tidal atlases led to a re-plan and we eased off to go north of them and, as the wind picked up, we flew along with the stanchions and toe rails under water. With the wind just off the nose we didn't want to reef the genoa so we bounced along happily making progress towards Les Hanois. Getting close to Guernsey we changed to motor sailing to "make" St Martins Point and then up the Little Russel to St Peter Port. A long day's sailing! Met up with Jonathan G (back from Gorey and St Helier) for a second night at La Scala. SYC yotties will be shocked to hear that the owner is selling up!
CI & France 2015 - St Peter Port to SYC 2015-05-30 A stonkingly fast sail back from St Peter Port to Starcross Yacht Club on the Exe. Plans changed late as we were concerned about getting back to SYC before predicted high winds late on the Saturday night (also trying to miss low water on the Exe). So up at the hideously early hour of 02:30 and up through the Little Russell channel in the dark. The Little Russell was just a tad "bouncy". After a couple of hours of motor sailing (to keep up the average speed as required), the wind picked up a bit and started to back round to the west. The final third of the sail was with 14 to 20 knots (force 5ish) of wind aft of the port beam and with full sails up. Derek's Sadler averaged over 5.4 knots - way ahead of what we could have hoped for. Back on the mooring by about 18:30 - maybe 3 hours ahead of planned.
CI & France 2015 - Gorey to St Malo France 2015-05-25 From Gorey on Jersey down to St Malo in France. Along the Violet Channel and then straight on through the rocky shallows that extend from the south east corner of Jersey. As soon as the motor was off we were joined by a pod of about 6 to 8 large dolphins who stayed playing with the boat for about half an hour. Then between the Minquiers and Ile Chausey reefs and on to St Malo. Note - the pictures that appear to be blank sea are actually photos of dolphins if you look hard enough!
CI & France 2015 - St Peter Port to Dixcart Bay 2015-05-23 A lovely sail across from St Peter Port on Guernsey to Dixcart Bay on Sark. Climbed the path to the village on Sark but the ice cream shop was shut! Had to make do with a pint in the pub. Spent the night at anchor in Dixcart Bay
St Quay to Ile De Brehat 2017-06-02 Up from St Quay-Portreaux to Ile de Brehat. The Ile de Brehat is a small island on a rocky shore. Somewhat similar to Sark (no cars and a very small population like Sark but no cliffs).
St Peter Port to Sark 2016-05-29 A lovely sail from St Peter Port, Guernsey across to Dixcart Bay, Sark. Having seen, from the sea, the high, narrow path from Sark to Little Sark (La Coupee - Google it) I'd never have thought that I'd actually walk across it. Worth it though for some of the photos taking looking back to Guernsey and Herm. The ship that can been seen in some of the photos of the yachts at anchor is believed to be the Patricia seen two days previously off Torbay!
St Peter Port to Starcross YC 2018-06-03 Back from St Peter Port to Starcross Yacht Club on the Exe. Up the Little Russell at about 08:00 with just a little "wind against tide bounciness" at the top end. Then across the shipping lanes with very good visibility. The sail started with an excellent wind from the north east at about F4 to F5ish but died away a little after crossing the second shipping lane. So it was on with the motor for maybe the last third of the journey reaching the Exe at about 23:00 and on to the mooring just before midnight. I don't think the Exe is a good place to try to navigate at night without local knowledge (it's our "home port") - too many unlit channel / lateral buoys and moorings very close to the channel edge. My "top tip" for navigating the Exe at night is that if the red / green channel buoy you are navigating for doesn't flash occasionally then you're heading for Brunel's railway line!
St Helier to Granville, France 2018-05-28 From St Helier on Jersey across to Granville in France. We were joined by dolphins briefly - very large ones - but as they disappeared quite quickly it became more fun watching the people watching for dolphins! Then on via the Ilse Chausey - more later on them in this blog - and then on to Granville in France. Played with the cruising chute for the first time on this cruise. Granville is an old walled town - a little like St Malo along the coast - but not so crowded. The marina, like many on the French coast, has a cill and at low water the approach to Granville completely dries out.
CI & France 2015 - Dinan to St Malo 2015-05-27 Back from Dinan to St Malo. Via the locks at Chatelier and the Rance hydro-electric barrage. Light winds.
St Anthonys Head 2018-09-04 On to Trewince camp site and one of Liz's favourite walks - around St Anthonys Head. Stunning views - some of the early photos could be of the Mediterranean. After going past the light house at the end of St Anthony's Head the walk is then along the eas
Back from the bike shop 2019-02-03 A ride back from the Bike Shed after getting the an extension fitted to raise the handlebars on the Marin hybrid.
Exeter and back 2019-01-12 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Coffee at Bar Venezia and then some birthday shopping at the quay cellars.
Kayak shopping 2018-07-22 Into Exeter with Liz to AWS Watersports looking for a sit on top kayak to complement our canadian canoe! Hot.
Exeter and back 2017-12-23 Into Exeter and back with Liz
Work cycle ride 2017-09-06 Work cycle ride
Work cycle ride 2017-06-23 In to Exeter and back. Stopped at SYC on the way back.
Work cycle ride 2017-05-12 Into and Exeter and back to work.
Exeter and back 2017-04-17 In to Exeter on the Marin bike. Stopped at SYC on the way back to watch Liz and Nigel on the safety boat. About the same strength and direction wind as yesterday so it seems that the posh bike makes me about 1.5 mph faster.
Exeter and back 2017-02-21 Another "fast for me" ride into Exeter and back. Fast - as in more than 14mph average. There was a sod of a headwind on the way out so made up time on the way back (although I could swear that the wind changed direction just as a I started back from Exeter).
Exeter and back 2016-11-26 Another twenty miler into Exeter and back.
Hundred miles this week 2016-10-22 The fifth 20 miler of the week. I'd expected this to be a gentle cycle ride with Liz but she was all gung ho! Way faster than I was expecting and I wasn't allowed my usual stopping places to have a breather. This was the fifth day out in a row doing 20 miles meaning that the target of doing 100 miles in a week was reached with 2 days to spare.Day off tomorrow!
Bike shop ride 2019-03-28 Into Exeter to pick up some spare inner tubes and repair kits after yesterday's puncture shenanigans. Garmin Connect made the moving average for this trip as 14.8 mph - prefer their calculations!
Liz ride to work and Exeter 2019-03-27 Liz cycle ride to work and then into Exeter with Aidan for lunch at Mrs Lutzys. Aidan had a puncture on the way home and had brought the right sized spare tyre but with the wrong sized valve. Doh. Liz cycled home and then rescued Aidan in the car.
Into Exeter 2019-01-25 Into Exeter and the Bike Shed to get the handlebars on the Marin changed. However, a change of plan when discussing options at the shop meant leaving the bike there and catching the train back.
Exeter for coffee 2018-12-23 Into Exeter with Liz for a coffee. As Mrs Lutzy's is now closed for a month, it was to Bar Venezia and the most ridicously chocolatty chocolate fudge cacke slice.
Cycling into Brian 2017-10-21 In fact, Storm Brian was mostly a westerly and Liz and I were cycling mostly north / south so apart from the occasional big gust, it didn't make too much of a difference. The coffee and custard tart at Lutzys was very good!
Exeter and back 2017-10-07 Too windy for us to want to go sailing (F4 gusting F6) so Liz and I cycled into Exeter and back.
Into Exeter and back 2017-08-05 Too windy for sailing so we went cycling. Quite a big bit windy said Liz after her first time on the bike for quite a while.
Exeter and back 2017-07-16 It was going to be a longer ride round to Lympstone but it started raining and the wind got up. Still - first time ever with an average speed of over 15 mph! Would have been faster except for having to slow down so often for huge numbers of kids and walkers. They are also digging up the cycle path at Exe Bridges which meant walking round various diversions and not getting the full 20 miles in.
Exeter and back - quite fast 2017-02-18 A very fast (for me) ride out to Exeter (averaged 16.2mph - would have been faster but for the hordes of pedestrians on the last couple of miles) and a somewhat slower ride back into quite a strong head wind. Stopped briefly at SYC to watch the dinghy instructor pre-prep course. Fastest overall average I've managed on the 20 miles "Exeter and back" ride. First time averaging over 14 mph!
First bike ride of 2015 2015-01-04 Liz ride into Exeter and back
To the canoe shop 2018-08-20 Into Exeter to buy a replacement kick stand for the canoe trolley
Exeter 2018-05-18 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Coffee at Lutzys and then a fairly strong breeze to contend with on the way back.
Exeter and back 2017-08-26 Into Exeter and back. On the posh bike but far too many blind and deaf walkers, kids and doggies on the paths to be able to go too fast.
Into Exeter 2019-01-26 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Coffee and a custard tart at Lutzy's (after her Xmas / New Year break). Started to get windy on the way back.
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Work cycle ride 2017-06-27 Into Exeter and back. A bit of a head wind on the way back.
Tags: Exeter Work
Exeter and back 2013-08-17 Into Exeter and back round Exminster gold course
Exeter and back 2019-02-24 After more fettling with the new Triban, into Exeter and back with Liz for coffee and choccie and Mrs Lutzy's.
Exeter cycle ride 2019-02-16 Into Exeter with Liz for coffee and a custard tart at Mrs Lutzy's.
Exeter and back 2018-04-23 Into Exeter and back with Liz. Stopped for a coffee at Lutzy's. Watched the dredger deepening the channel out from the Turf Locks.
Exeter and back 2017-12-04 A ride into Exeter and back with Liz
Bike ride into Exeter 2017-07-02 A leisurely bike ride into Exeter with Liz. Liz's first time on the bike in a while. Combine that with hundreds of ISCA Academy 10 year olds vying to see which one of them could throw themselves under Liz's front wheel first, and the average speed makes more sense. Stopped at SYC on the way back.
Another twenty miler 2016-11-20 Well almost a twenty miler. The 2 inch rain fall in Exeter meant that the last part of the cycle path ride was under water. Hard work cycling in to the head wind that was the remnants of Storm Angus. Disappointing that the winds dropped away for the homeward leg - as shown by the drifting boats when stopping briefly at SYC.
Another twenty miles 2016-10-26 Out with Liz for another cycle ride into Exeter and back. Trying to "power" up the bridge at Powderham, I broke 3 spokes on the rear wheel. So the last 2.5 miles are Liz alone as she went home to get the car to rescue me and the broken bike. That means the "reserve" bike tomorrow - the almost unridden Ridgeback Genesis Day Two.
Iles Chausey to St Helier 2018-05-31 Out from the Iles Chausey via the northern passage. Look carefully at the chart and you'll see that the passage dries to a height of up to 4.5 metres! However, with a tidal range of 10 metres and the excellent French navigational markers and transits (which again can be seen on the chart at higher zooms), the passage pilotage was fine. Iles Chausey was exceptional - a truly stunning place. What wasn't so good was all the flies that migrated from the rocks that were covered at high water and hitched a ride on the boats all the way to Jersey. At Jersey, we anchored in St Aubins Bay waiting for enough water over the cill at St Helier marina.
St Mawes to St Just In Roseland 2017-03-19 A circular walk round part of the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. From St Mawes up along the estuary to the old churchyard at St Just In Roseland. Then back inland to St Mawes. Stopped at Pineapple bay - at least that's what the sign there called it!
Malpas and St Clement 2015-09-21 A shortish walk round Malpas and St Clement. Found a good canoe launching slipway just south of Truro at Sunny Corner Quay. Seafood platter for lunch at The Heron in Malpas was good.
CI & France 2015 - St Malo to Dinan 2015-05-26 From the Port des Sablons marina at Saint Servan (next to St Malo), a sail up the river Rance to the medieval town of Dinan. The trip took us through the hyrdro-electric barrage lock. Anchored near St. Suliac for a spot of lunch (OK - to wait for the tide to rise) and then up through the lock at Chatelier. After this lock the river becomes a bit more canal like. Moored up at Dinan and explored the well preserved walled medieval town of Dinan. Dinan is twinned with Exmouth! No idea why...
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