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Yet another GPS application

Because I have a marine Garmin Montana 600 and Liz has a Bryton Rider 15, thoughts turned to what to do with the data. The result is this GPS Blog application. There's lots of other GPS track display applications out there but this one displays the data just the way I like it.

What does the GPS Blog do?

Wayfarer 8367 - A 30 year old Wayfarer

This application has a whole bunch of GPS tracks plotted on Google Maps. Many are from sailing, canoeing, biking and dog walking activities on or near the Exe Estuary in Devon. However, some are from a little farther afield and a category of "miscellaneous" has recently been introduced for tracks that don't fall into one of the four main categories.

You can scroll through the "GPS tracks carousel" at the top of the page and click on any map. This will take you through to an interactive Google Map where you zoom in/out, replay the track, see speeds and directions and view any photographs taken during the activity.

The faster bike I rarely ride

For sailing and canoeing activities, I'm afraid we've had to revert back to using Google Maps after Navionics withdrew their Web API. For walking and cycling activities, elevation data is graphically displayed along with a speed graph.

To find more GPS tracks try the Near page or the Find page, use the site search or see the sitemap.

To just look at the photos, try the Photos page.

A canoe, a dog and a wife

To see groups of activities with some sort of theme, try the "featured tracks" menu item. So, for example, to see our Scottish "highlands and islands" trip, try the Scotland 2022 page.

You can see how well I am doing with my plan to cycle 2024 miles in 2024 or have a look at the more general statistics.

An man and his hound

For some information about how and why this web site was created, the FAQ page is probably your best starting point.

And if you just want to say "hello", there is the Contact page.

Accessing the GPS Blog

Most of the data on The GPS Blog is publicly visible. However, a few GPS tracks and some photos are tagged as "private". If you know Liz or Aidan, why not click the button below to get in contact and be added to the list with full access.

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